Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 2 Day 1 week 1 The 3 facts about Mexico

1. The official name for Mexico is the United Mexican states.

2. In Mexico artists can pay their taxes their artwork

3. And did you know that Mexico sinks 10 inches a year


  1. Hi Makayla,

    Oh, my goodness! You have taught me a lot about Mexico that I didn't already know. For example, I had no idea that Mexico was sinking at a rate of 8-10 inches per year. That's a phenomenal rate (and quite scary). I am glad that Auckland doesn't appear to be sinking!

    I was also surprised to read that artists in Mexico can pay their taxes with their artwork (in lieu of money). I wish that we could do the same thing here. Do you think that our Prime Minister (Bill English) would ever allow us to pay our taxes with artwork? Somehow, I doubt it ;-)

    Thanks for this great blog, Makalya. I have really learned a lot about Mexico already!

    Rachel :)

  2. Wow! Those are some really interesting facts! I actually had to double check the Mexico is sinking one, turns out it is Mexico City which is crazy because 21 million people live there.

    I do a lot of art in my spare time too, so being able to pay taxes in art is probably a really good way to motivate me to do more work! haha!

    This was a really cool blog. Keep up the great work.