Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Making loomz with friend

On Monday we started to make some loomz friends Naomi and Jorelle, chastyti did different loomz to but when we were finish we took it off and put this thing on and it looked like a s then we were finished then we got to wear it and it was cool I liked it and my friends liked it to but I was happy that we liked it and even thow it was hard it looked like rubber bands tied together but we had fun and my friend chastyti she told us how to do it she was like a master.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Swimming Lessons

We have been learning all about independent and dependent clauses in complex sentences. This complex sentence that I have written uses a dependent and independent clause. A dependent clause, needs extra detail so that it can complete the sentence, whereas an independent sentence could actually make a sentence on its own.
 Here is my sentence: I have highlighted the dependent clause yellow and the independent clause red. After maths, class twelve went to the pools for our lesson.