Friday, 21 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey - W1 D5 A1/A2/A3

Activity 1: Towering Timbers [4 points]
There is a long and rich history of logging in New Zealand. Logging involves cutting down trees. The people who cut them down are called loggers. The trees that they cut down are sold and used to build things (eg. houses), to make products (eg. paper), and to generate (create) heat and power. Over the past two centuries, many of the trees in New Zealand have been cut down by loggers.
Left: NZ native forest Right: A logged forest

Some people like logging because it creates jobs for the loggers and generates money for New Zealand while others are against (opposed to) logging. Many of those opposed are worried that logging will damage the environment. It might also force animals who live in trees (eg. owls) to find new homes.
What do you think about logging?

On your blog tell us whether you think logging should be allowed in New Zealand. Be sure to provide at least two reasons to support your argument.
I Think Logging Should Be Banned!!
I think that Logging should be banned because it is bad for the environment and animal species living in the environment.

I think its bad for the environment because cutting down trees will cause big patches of land where manufacturers can build on using their machines and other things from factories, And things from that factory are bad for air pollution and climate change.

Another reason why Logging should be banned because it is bad for the animals living in forest. Because a lot of animals live in the forest and a lot of them are native to NZ, and a lot of our native animals are nearly extinct. So we need to ban Logging not just for our own sake but for our native animals as well.
Task Description: For this task I had to explain whether I think Logging should be banned or not. I also had to provide two reasons to support my opinion. My arguement is above go check it out and tell me what you think.
Activity 2: Living on the Edge [4 points]
Over the past few years, however, the temperature in the tundra has been rising and the weather has been changing. Let’s imagine that your teacher decides to take you on a class trip to the tundra before the weather changes too much and you aren’t able to go.
On your blog, write a letter to your best friend or a family member telling them about your trip to the tundra. To earn full points your letter must have a greeting (eg. Dear…) followed by 5 – 6 sentences of information about what your experience.
Dear Amelia,
I went on a school trip with my class and Mrs Stone. We went to visit a Tundra. I had loads of fun there, it was really interesting.
A Tundra is a cold and treeless plain where its hard conditions make it hard for animals and plants to survive. Apparently about 20% of Earths land is covered in tundra. Its very cold, the average temperature in the tundra is around -18 degrees F. It gets colder in the winter and warms up during its very short summer. Over the past few years the tundra temperature has been getting higher and higher, also the weather has been changing as well.
There are two types of Tundras. There's a Alpine tundra and a Arctic Tundra. An Alpine tundra is the land high in the mountains above the tree line. The Arctic tundra is based far north in the northern hemisphere along the arctic circle. There are large areas of tundra located in the northern North America, northern Europe and northern Asia.

This was the experience I had while on my trip. You should definitely visit it one day. I hope you enjoy my experience letter.
Kind Regards,
Task Description: For this task I had to write a letter to a friend family member etc. The letter had to talk about the experience I had going on a class trip to visit the tundra. I also had to talk about my experience and research about tundras. The person I wrote to was my friend Amelia, she is also doing Summer Learning Journey so click here to check out her blog.
Activity 3: Going, going….gone [10 points]

Over the years, scientists have made some surprising discoveries. One of these discoveries is that we have entire cities (e.g. Jakarta, Indonesia and Venice, Italy) that are slowly sinking into the ocean. Scientists believe that, one day, the cities will disappear completely under the water. Yikes!
Some of the residents (people living in the cities) have taken pictures of their neighbourhoods and written stories about their lives in order to make a record of what ‘life was like’ in their city before it disappeared.
Let’s imagine that New Zealand was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean next week (Eek!). Before it sinks you are asked to write a blog post telling people what life was like in New Zealand in 2018.

On your blog, post a description of life in New Zealand in 2018. Please remember that the people who read your post will have never been to New Zealand or even seen a picture so it is your job to ‘paint a picture’ of New Zealand using your words. You can also post pictures, if you wish. Be sure to fully attribute the pictures.

Task Description: For this task I had to write a description of life in New Zealand for 2018, instead I did mine for my whole life because I thought it would be better. I also had to add in a photo or two because whoever would read my description might not know what NZ looks like. My description is above go check it out and I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey - W1 D4 A1/A2

Activity 1: Scaling New Heights [4 points]
Let’s imagine that you met Sir Edmund Hillary in real life and were able to interview him.

On your blog, post five questions that you would like to ask Sir Edmund Hillary about his life.
Task Description: For this task I had to post five questions that I would like to ask Sir Edmund Hilary. My five questions are on my google drawing below. I hope you enjoy. Comment down below what your five questions would be.
My 5 Questions:
Activity 2: Pancakes and Maple Syrup? [4 points]
For this activity you are asked to choose one of your favourite foods. On your blog, write the name of your favourite food and then tell us how to make it. You may need to ask a family member, friend or Google (!) for help, if you do not normally make this food for yourself.
How To Make Three Cheese Potato Bake:

Task Description: For this task I had post my favourite food. I also had to explain how to make it. My instructions are above go check it out, and try making it. I hope you enjoy.
These are my two task for Day 4. I didn't do Activity 3 because I didn't really like the my finished product came out as so I didn't want to post it. Anyways these are my two tasks for Day 4 I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey - W1 D3 A1/A2/A3

Activity 1: Fantastic Beasts [4 points]

On your blog, post a description of your beast. Use interesting adjectives (describing words) to tell us about your beast.

My Beast...Scatinnyflage.
My beast is tall as a 80 foot building. It is slim like a stick but yet its bones are thick as a branch. My beast can also go camouflage at random times. My beast is also one of the most terrifying beasts.

Task Description: For this task I had to write a description for my beast. I also had to include adjectives to tell people about my beast. This is my description above I hope you enjoy.
Activity 2: The Secretive Skink [4 points]
Would you like to be a DOC ranger and live with the animals on Great Barrier Island?
On your blog list three pros (good things) and three cons (bad things) about working as a DOC ranger. At the bottom of your post, tell us whether you would like to be a DOC Ranger or not.
Three pros about working as a DOC ranger:
You get to take care and work with animals.
You've been given a very important job.
You'll be one of the few people who live on an animal reserve island.
Three cons about working as a DOC ranger:
There won't be a lot of people to talk or socialize with at work.
You will have protect animals and plants for most of your career.
You'll be living and working on a small based area.
Task Description: For this task I had to list three pros and three cons about working as a DOC ranger. My list is above, these are pros and cons from my opinion. So comment down below what your three pros and cons would be. I hope you enjoy.
Activity 3: The WWF: World Wildlife Fund [10 points]
In 1961, a number of people came together to start an organisation called the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The main goal of this organisation was/is to protect life on earth. Hundreds of WWF staff work in countries all over the world trying to protect our planet and the animals who live here. To learn more about their amazing work, click on one of the two video links below.

Clip #2: Tigers

Once you have watched the video, go to your blog and, using full sentences, tell us:
1) The name of the animal the WWF is working to save.
2) What the WWF is doing to help the animal.
3) What, if any, success they have had protecting the animal.
1) The name of the animal the WWF is working to save is the 'Freshwater Seals'.
2) The WWF volunteers are working together to make snowbanks that the seals can use.
3) I think that WWF succeeded in my opinion, but I don't know for sure because it didn't say wheter they succeeded or not.

Task Description: For this task I had to write a sentence or two about the questions that were provided about the WWF. My task is above, check it out and then comment below how you would've answered or explained these questions. I hope you enjoy.

Summer Learning Journey - W1 D2 A1/A2/A3

Activity 1: Giants Among Us [4 points]

On your blog, tell us whether you would like to go and visit Tāne Mahuta one day. Be sure to tell us why you do (or do not) want to visit this endemic tree.

Would I like to visit Tāne Mahuta?
One day I would love to visit Tāne Mahuta. I would love to visit it since it is well known in NZ. I also want to see why people love it so much. I also would like to visit it so I can do some research on the history of the tree and more.

Task Description: For this task I had to write a paragraph or so saying/explaining if I would like to visit the famous Kauri tree (Tāne Mahuta). I also had to add why or why not I would like to visit it. I hope you enjoy my first task.


Activity 2: Fabulous Ferns [4 points]

On your blog list three sports teams that have the word ‘fern’ in their title. Beside each team’s name, post a picture of their uniform. Then, at the bottom of your blog post tell us which of the three uniforms you like best and why.

In my presentation I had to find three NZ teams that had 'Fern' in their title. So I did but I also added their uniform in. So overall my favourite uniform out of the three was the Football Ferns. I liked their uniform because I liked the white background mixed with the black logos. I loved all of the uniforms but that one was m favourite.

Task Description: For this task I had to post three sports teams with the word 'Fern' in the title, but I also had to add in photos of their uniforms. After that I had to tell which of the three uniforms was my favourite. Then I had to post it on my blog, so here is my task I hope you enjoy.

Activity 3: Weird and Wonderful [10 points]

On your blog, tell us how to solve this maths problem. You can write your answer in words, use a Sketchpad image, or post a video explaining how you would figure it out. Be sure to give us your final answer in millilitres (ml).

Task Description: For this task they provided us with a maths problem. We had to solve it and then post it on our blogs. I did my on google slides so make sure to switch slides. This is my task I hope you enjoy.
These were my tasks for Day 2 of Summer Learning Journey. I tried my best to finish it but I took my time so that it isn't rushed. So I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey - W1 D1 A1/A2/A3

Activity 1: The Legend of New Zealand [4 points]

According to Māori mythology, much of Aotearoa New Zealand was formed when Māui, a powerful demigod, fished it out of the sea. Legend has it that Māui created a magical fish hook from the jawbone of his grandmother and that one day he took his hook, boarded a boat, and rode out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Once at sea, he threw his magical hook into the water and caught a fish. This ‘fish’ was actually the North Island of New Zealand honour of this legend, the North Island of New Zealand is sometimes referred to as Te Ika a Māui or ‘Māui’s fish’ and the South Island of New Zealand is sometimes referred to as Te Waka a Māui or ‘Māui’s canoe’

To learn more cool facts about New Zealand, check out the Tourism NZ website. Read the fun facts posted on the website and choose your ‘Top 3.’ On your blog, post your ‘Top 3 Fun Facts’ about NZ in your own words.

Here are the "Top 3 Facts" I found:
NZ was once apart of the NSW territory in Australia, years ago.
It was the first major nation to let everyone have the right to vote in an election.
Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sunrise because it is very close to the international date line.
Here are the Top 3 facts before I put it in my own words:
New Zealand was once governed as part of the territory of New South Wales and later a part of Australia.
It was the first major nation to have universal suffrage. In 1893 all male and female citizens are legally allowed to vote.
Gisborne is the first city in the world to see the sunrise because it is 496.3 kilometers away from the International Date Line.
Task Description: As you can see at the top it tells you the information for my task. But I will tell you in my own words. So what I had to do was take a look at the facts about NZ that they provided me with. Then I had to find my Top 3 Facts and post them on my blog but in my own words. So here is my first activity I hope you enjoy.
Activity 2: North and South [4 points]
The country of New Zealand is made up of two main islands – the North Island and the South Island. Approximately 77% of the New Zealand population live in the North Island. Many of these people (including our Summer Learning Journey design team) live in Auckland city. Auckland is a great place to live with lots of amazing parks, beautiful waterways and stunning scenery to enjoy. It is also a busy, vibrant city with many cafes, museums, galleries and theatres to visit. I feel lucky to call Auckland my ‘hometown.’
Now it is time to think about your hometown. What is special about where you live? On your blog, describe your hometown. Be sure to include lots of describing words (adjectives) in your post.

Image Attribution

My hometown, My favourite place, Auckland. I live in Auckland a.k.a "The city of sails". Auckland is very special to me because of many reasons. One reason is that it is my beautiful home. It is also special because it has a lot of amazing landmarks icluding the famous Skytower. It's also really special to me because I've made a lot of memories here that I can cherish.
Task Description: For this task I had to think about my hometown (Auckland). Then I had to write a little description about it but I had to describe why it's special. After that I had to post it on my blog, So my description is above go check it out and I hope you enjoy.
Activity 3: Ice, Ice Baby [10 points]
Antarctica is the world’s coldest continent. Even though it is made up of ice, it is also the driest continent in the world. In fact, it hasn’t rained there for nearly 2 million years! It is home to many animals such as whales, seals, birds, and fish. There are no permanent human residents (people who live there all the time) in Antarctica, however scientists do visit and stay in Antarctica for a while to study it.
This year the airline, Air New Zealand, filmed their safety video in Antarctica. They used some fabulous actors from Hornby Primary School in Christchurch. Just like on aeroplanes, we also need to keep safe and be smart online. We need to think about the type of information we are sharing online, who we are sharing information with, and how to have a positive digital footprint.
On your blog, make a copy of this footprint and, inside the footprint, explain how you create a positive, digital footprint. What do you do to stay smart online?.
Task Description: For this task I had to make a copy of the footprint that I was provided with. Then I had to explain how to create a postive/digital footprint. The footprint was to small for me to add in "What I do to stay smart online" so I will add it here. What I do to stay smart online is to do appropriate stuff. I also ask my parent for permission to go online before leaving a footprint.
This is my Tasks for Day 1 done. I hope you enjoyed my Tasks. My favourite Task was activity one. I liked that Task because I got to learn more about NZ and I found out some interesting facts.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Art - 2018 TWT

For art this term Team 5 have been doing art projects. I worked with Pilinilose and Chastyti, we made a "Well Of Kindness". I also made another project but not for show.

The meaning behind our well is to spread kindness and be kind to others. We also made a poster to go with the sculpture explaining things about it. We also made a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign so that it stays safe.

To make our well we used, A plastic bottle, multiple Popsicle sticks, card etc. We cut the bottle in half and then added brown card around it to make it look like bricks. Then we used big Popsicle sticks to make the side stands and for the platform for the roof. Then we used small colorful Popsicle sticks to make the top of the roof.

Astria - Countdown to Impact Game

A student in another school has recently blogged that:

“Students don’t learn much playing this game called Astria – Countdown to Impact: Their time could be better spent doing other things”.

Do you agree, disagree or partly agree/disagree?

I Disagree, I think this because while I was playing this game I learnt a lot. And it was also fun and interesting. I like this a lot because its about choices but you have to think carefully about your decision. I recommend playing

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Francis - Sequel

Francis Pt 2
By Makayla
The boat was found on shore the next day, empty but for the journal. On those pages were her frantic jottings, all written in her distinctive handwriting, all but the last page. When the journal was found, that page was still wet, and on it were four words, looking as if they'd been written quickly, with a muddy finger. 
They said, "I did knock first."
The boat was found, a huge investigation was started. Many police departments tried looking for Francis but didn’t succeed. So Detective Phoenix was put on the case. There were not much evidence but still it was enough for Detective Phoenix to use. Francis’s family were devastated, they just couldn’t believe it. 
“When did you last see Miss Francis Brandywine?” Detective Phoenix asked. 
“Last night sh...she was sleeping in the tent with us, and then we woke up to find her miss….missing” 
Francis’s mum cried. 
“Do you still have the rowboat in reach” Detective Phoenix asked, 
“Yes it’s over there” 
the dad said.

Detective Phoenix went to take a look at the boat. He checked if there were any false malfunctions. He saw there was nothing wrong, so he decided to hop into the boat and row out to where Francis had experienced this situation. Once he was in the right spot he waited. Nothing happened and he got curious so he decided to row back in to give in his findings. He got back to shore and head off back to the police department, he explained his findings and then did some research on the park.

He read a huge heap of articles when suddenly he came across a article explaining the death of a girl named Abigail Hellowell. She was drowned by her father at the age of seven in the Quetico lake, and now she is known for haunting the park and it’s area. He was startled from his findings and thought he should check the park again.

He pulled into the parking lot of Quetico park and looked around for any weird  activity. He decided to row the boat out to the middle of the lake once again. He stayed out the for about ten minutes. It was a long day for him and he was getting tired so he decided to lay down. He was starting to drift away when suddenly he heard loud knocks “BANG BOOM BAM” he jumped. 
He was so terrified and started to row his boat into shore wasn’t moving a bit. He was concerned and took a glare into the water he noticed there was the same boy from the article in the reflection of the water. 
“Ahhhhh” He Yelled. 
He tried and tried to row himself back to shore but wasn’t moving a bit. He noticed that the boat was sinking and tried to scream for help but no one heard him and he sobbed he felt a hand grab him and pull him into the water. 
“NOOOO help, please” He yelled and before he knew it he had sunk to the bottom of the lake.

The End

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

3D Art - Term 4

For the past term now we've been doing some art. This photo down below is a piece of my art. I don't have that much art because I wasn't here but this is one of my art pieces.