Monday, 27 July 2015

Immersion assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall I heard Mr Burt’s loud booming voice say ‘‘Who has one dollar.’’ He was an auctioneer and he was seeing if someone was going to bid for fantastic prizes . With excitement  he keeped going higher because the whole of Pt England were bidding. They were trying to bid for the ball.

My favourite team was item was team four because Mr Somerville was sassy. He said, ‘‘oh no he didn’t’’ and it was really funny my friends laughed along with me . I also liked Miss Lavakula she was happy, there item was was about reactions and emotions.

All of a sudden team five came on and blew me away. My favourite character was Mr Barks acting to be Mr Wiseman’s wife. Their item was about being financially responsible.

Quickly team three came with a funny video of why people work. After the very funny video they were talking to some kids to see what they wanted to be when they grow up. Our item was about why do people work.

After assembly I felt really blown away from all those amazing items.

Awesome piece of writing Makayla, I love the way you talked about lots of different things that happened during the assembly, Mr Moran :)