Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 1 Day 7 Week 2

Mexico – Chilequilas

1. What you eat for breakfast? What I eat for breakfast is Coco pops in milk.

2. What people in your chosen country eat for breakfast? Mexican people eat Chilequilas.

3. Which of the two breakfast options (your breakfast or the breakfast in the other country) you prefer. Why do you prefer it? I would prefer my normal breakfast. I choose my breakfast because I'm not used to it and I don't know If I'm allergic to anything in it.

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So what I have to do is I had to look for the breakfast that my particular country eats. so the particular country is Mexico so I had to get what breakfast Mexican people commonly eat and that is Chilequilas. Then now I have to say what my common breakfast is then I have to compare which breakfast I would prefer to eat.

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  1. Hi Makayla that Chilequilas looks amazing.

    I have lived in South Korea and Vietnam before, and their breakfasts are also different. In SK they have rice and Kimchi, sometimes with egg. In Vietnam they usually have fruit or pho (noodle soup) with a stick of like... I guess it's like a pastry bread. It's really crispy and full of air, so when you put it in your soup it goes all soggy - which makes it all that much more delicious. Whenever I live in a new country I try to eat what the locals eat. Once I even tried fried black crickets! (they taste like chicken chips!)

    Cheers for the interesting read!