Thursday, 14 June 2018

Tech - Making Spanish Meatballs

Today at tech we made Spanish Meatballs. We made this meal in pairs, I absolutely loved it. I was in pairs with Tehillah. I love being with her because we are a good group.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Team Building Recount

The day had arrived, when the year 8’s were set to leave for camp and for the year 7’s to complete our team building journey. Team 5 had one last assembly together and then after our assembly we all went our own way. The year 8’s went to the hall to get ready and the year 7’s got ready for team building. Team building is three day of getting to know others and building skills as a team.

My favorite thing about team building was the disco/prizgiving, I loved this part because we got to do a lot of dancing and we had so much fun. I thought it was cool because a couple of people (3 people) from each team got to represent their team in a dance battle.

The people from my team were Naomi, Amelia and Charlese. I could hear the loud music blasting out of the speakers as we were watching teams battle against each other. I could see others gathering around the team members as they were dancing their hearts out. My favorite battle was Blue verse Red because they treated each other kindly but still battled fiercely.

After the dance battle we got to have a free dance before we started the second part of our disco/prizegiving. The first thing we did was announce the teams in winning order. My team (The Bluedogs) came first in the whole thing, I felt so happy that our team won because our team worked better together than individually. So that means we got goodie bags and five pizza’s. But while we were waiting for the pizza’s to arrive we had a quick dance until our lunch was here. Then all the teams split off and had the pizza’s. Overall I loved the three days we had.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

EXTC - Museum Trip Refelction

Yesterday the year 5,6,7 and 8 extension group went on a trip to the Auckland museum. We went to the museum so that we can learn about the pasifika exhibition. I had a lot of fun there because we got to touch some old but yet precious pasifika objects.

One of my favorite parts was making our own storage holder so it was a piece of foam that we put a object on and made a hole so that we could put the object inside and keep it safe.

I also liked that we got to have free pizza for lunch. I liked it because the pizza was nice and hot. I also liked it because it was delicious and cheesy. Another part I liked was that we got to go into the earthquake house. I liked it because we all had fun inside. But it was a bit scary for some people and I started laughing when it started.