Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Today Ms Squires reading group went for volleyball in the hall.Our instructors name is Liz she was very nice to us and she was patient. First we warmed up with some difficult stretches and had a run. As soon as we started volleyball I was extremely excited.

The first thing she taught us was the face pass. To do the face pass you had to make a triangle then lift your hands up. The second thing she taught us was the dig. For a dig you have to put your hands together and bend your knees.

Once we finished those two instructions we had to get in a line of four. I was happy because I was with my friends and we had fun. I got 5 points Naomi got 4 points Daisy got 7 points and Jorelle got 6. But then we had to count up all our points together which equals 22 all together.

At volleyball I felt so pumped up and happy because we had heaps of fun. When I first found out that we were doing volleyball I was so happy because I love volleyball. But unfortunately we have to swap with Mr Moran’s reading group.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Invented dinosaur-Diamond 'o' raptor

My dinosaur is diamond ‘o’ raptor. It is a omnivore,it eats meat and plants. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor means Diamond robber. It lived in the early cretaceous.

The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor lived mainly in the forests and by the water. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor stays by the forests so it can eat some plants and sometimes eats dinosaurs. Sometimes Diamond ‘o‘ raptor stays by the water to have a drink and stay hydrated.

Where it lives:
The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor lived in the west of Los Angeles. It lived in Los Angeles by the hot sunny forests and sometimes it was to hot in L.A so Diamond ‘o‘ raptor went to the water. Some Diamond ‘o‘ raptors live in California.

Body part 1:
Diamond ‘o‘ raptor has a powerful horn made out of diamonds. It has a horn to protect itself from meat eating predators like the T-rex.

Body part 2:
The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor has 6 spikes made out of diamonds to kill its prey. When it gets older it gets more spikes. Diamond ‘o‘ raptor was born with no spikes then when it had grown up it had all the spikes it needs.

The Diamond ‘o‘ raptor was a nice dinosaur and a mean dinosaur as well.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in the cretaceous period 85 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest meat eating dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large meat eating dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus Rex meaning “Tyrant lizard king”.

Tyrannosaurus Rex looks after it’s babies by guarding their babies and wait until their eggs crack. T-Rex is an aggressive predator when it’s close to herbivores try’s to eat them. Some people think T-Rex is an angry predator but sometimes T-Rex is gentle.     

Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the biggest meat eating dinosaur. There is two other bigger dinosaurs but tyrannosaurus Rex is still one of the biggest dinosaurs.  Tyrannosaurus Rex is a big meat eating dinosaur that eats meat and lived in the cretaceous period.

Tyrannosaurus Rex has a good sense of smell to find its prey. When Tyrannosaurus Rex looks for its prey it can smell from far far away. A Tyrannosaurus Rexes sense of smell goes into its brain then the T-rex wonders around to get its food.

Muesum trip

On Friday Rm 11&12 went on a trip to the museum. We went to the museum to learn about dinosaurs. When we got to the museum it looked so big. I felt excited to get in the  museum to look at all the amazing stuff.

I was in Mrs Moran’s museum group, She was really nice to us. When we got inside we had to sit on the ground to get given the instructions. Then suddenly we started to go. The first thing we did was go to the classroom and learn about dinosaurs.

My favourite part was when we had to find all the things in our activity booklet. The first thing we that we went to was the Encounter. At the Encounter we had to look for a puppet photo. Then we had to look for 2 tea cups and one jug.

Then later on it was time to go back to school. While we were waiting for our bus to come and pick us up we slided down the hills in clean plastic bags. Then suddenly our bus came and we had to pack up and get our stuff to get ready to go back to school.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex lived in the cretaceous period 85 million years ago. Tyrannosaurus Rex was one of the biggest meat eating dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus Rex was a large meat eating dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus Rex meaning “Tyrant lizard king”.

Tyrannosaurus Rex had 60 serrated teeth the size of a banana. The furious T-Rex  had little stubby arms to snatch little things. The T-Rex had a thin long tail for balance.

Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the biggest meat eating dinosaur. There is two other bigger dinosaurs but tyrannosaurus rex is still one of the biggest dinosaurs.  Tyrannosaurus rex is a big meat eating dinosaur that eats meat and lived in the cretaceous period.  

Athletics Day Term 4 Writing Sample 2015

On Friday Pt England school had athletics day from in the morning to after lunch. We had to dress up in our house colours that is Hikianalia-yellow,Hokulea-green,Hine moana-blue and Te Aurere-red. There was a sausage sizzle for $2 outside the staff room.

I had to dress up in yellow for Hikianalia because I am in yellow. While waiting for the house leaders Mr Burt handed the microphone to Mrs Vaafusuaga to tell about the event. As soon as the house leaders got up they shouted their cheer. Yellows cheer was by Leila and Faioa they said “when I say hoo hoo you say rah rah” and I said it with courage.

Mr Burt put us into groups,I was in the year 4 girls with Mrs Stickland. Our first activity was the 25m and 75m track. As soon as we got there Mrs Stickland put us into lanes,once we were all in lanes Mr Burt came and started us off. The first instruction was on your marks for on your marks we had to stand on the line. The second instruction was get set for get set we had to put our strongest leg to the back. Then the clapper went and I started sprinting my hardest.

At the end of the day we all went back to class and waited for the bell to ring so we could go home. As soon as the bell went I said goodbye to all of my friends and went home happily. At athletics I felt absolutely happy because it was so fun.


A Ankylosaurus walked on like a .Ankylosaurus lived in the late cretaceous period.Ankylosaurus diet is plants and leaves.

Ankylosaurus has covered Armor on its body to protect itself from predators.They have armor like spikes on their back,bony plates on around their eyes and a club on their tail.Ankylosaurus has covered armor so it can defend predators.

A Ankylosaurus protects itself from predators by whipping its tail. When ankylosaurus looks for food and predator comes ankylosaurus will be hard to kill because it’s body has covered armor. That is why ankylosaurus was the hardest dinosaur to kill.

If I was a dinosaur I would be happy but sad to. I think dinosaurs can be mean and nice sometimes. Dinosaurs are the oldest things that lived on earth.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Manaiakalani film festival

Sylvia Park:
Yesterday morning Pt England school went to Sylvia Park to the theatre to watch class made movies. We went and watched some of the other classes wonderful movies that they had made. Rm 11 & 12 left at 8:30 am.

At Hoyts:
Pt England school Went to Sylvia Park on a bus. Pt England school used about 6 busses to get to Sylvia Park. On the bus we were with Mrs Stickland,Ms Squires and Mr Moran.

When Pt England got there we went with our teachers to the theatre to get in our seats. While we were waiting for everyone to get in their seats I was so excited to watch a lot of movies that other classes had made. In my seat I was next to Hinerangi and Jorelle. We were all excited.

What was my favourite movie:
My favourite movie was Stay young by Rm 11 & 12,the force by Rm 7 and Ko maori ahu by Mohanna and Koshan. I liked their movies because they were funny and really creative. My highlight of Manaiakalani film festival was watching all those wonderful movies and being with my friends. When it was time to go I was so sad because  loved all those movies.

At Manaiakalani film festival I had so much fun watching movies that classes had made by themselves. Going back to school was so boring but fun at the same time. When we got back to school we had morning tea then started playing.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Non-stop cricket

On Thursday room 11 & 12 played Non-stop cricket we and were so cold. As soon as we got to the field we got in our places to start off. When the game started I was so cold and excited at the same time.

As soon as I batted I was so nervous but I had fun. But I was so proud because I hit the ball amazingly far. When I started running I tried to sprint as fast as I could and I ran 8 times.

When it was my team’s turn to field I was warmed up to catch the ball. As soon as the first person in the other team had batted I sprinted to get the ball. But someone already had the ball in their hand.


At Non-stop cricket I had so much fun. If I was a professional cricket player It would be so fun and I would try and be energetic. I can’t wait until we play Non-stop cricket.

Athletics Rotation

Today in the morning team 3 had athletics activities. We had athletics to have fun with our friends and to have fun with our classmates. Team 3 went to athletics with our teachers so they can give our instructions.

At athletics we played all kind of activities. First my class played at a throwing obstacle. Our goal was to try and throw our furtherest. While waiting for my turn Chastyti threw a tennis ball far away and it was sawing across the sky everyone said “WHOAH”. But sadly we had to rotate to our next game basketball we all said”YAY basketball“.

Once we got to basketball we were amazingly excited to play a game of basketball. I was absolutely happy because I was in my friend's team their name was Daisy and Naomi. As soon as we started Charlese sprinted across the court and she was amazingly far from the hoop and scored a goal we all cheered for “WHOO HOO“. Then it was the other team's ball and they were sawing through the court then Jorelle came with the ball and took a wonderful shot and scored her team a goal we were happy for her. Suddenly the bell rang and we had to rotate to our next game sack race.

As soon as we got to the sack race we got in our lines and pounced across the field. Some of us even fell but we got back up. and tried again. We had to encourage our mates to keep trying. But then sadly we finished and went back to class.

At athletics I felt absolutely happy to get to know my classmates more. I had a lot of fun with my friends and classmates and all kinds of activities.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Immersion assembly term 4

                     Immersion assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall I saw heaps of creative teams it was Monday Pt England had a immersion assembly. While waiting for long Mr Burt introduced term four’s new topic and that is P.E.S survivors. Pt England school had a very important assembly in our school hall. Immersion assembly was to welcome back the kids and learn our new topic as I heard Mr Burt call out the topic I glanced up at the stage.

My favourite team was team 5 because they are learning how to adapt. I liked team 5 because they had a noodle challenge  with chopsticks and Ms Clarke was the winner because she is from Asia. The most funniest person that I liked was Ms Peato because at the end Ms Peato said lost and said “if I wanted to win I would of but I didn’t want to”.

My 2nd favourite group is team three because they invented their own dinosaurs. My favourite dinosaur was bosseraptor. I can’t wait to see what’s next with team three.

After immersion assembly I felt so filled with energy to learn about survivors. Immersion assembly was so fun that I didn’t want to go to class. As this is the end of my story I hope that you liked my story and you enjoy reading it.

Monday, 21 September 2015



Volcanologist study really hard to be a volcanologist in university. It also means you have to study hard and train to be a volcanologist. Volcanologist have really challenging and valuable jobs because.

volcanologists jobs depends on what kind of job they are doing. Like they study about volcanoes in the lab. They also work In the fields they take the rocks to analyse them in the lab from the fields. In the fields they also check the temperature. They also help people to evacuate.

Volcanologists clothes are different depending on what kind of job they are doing. When you work in the lab then you wear everyday clothes.
When you are in field work then you have to wear sturdy boots, breathing apparatus. Volcanologists also wear these protective suits so if the heat comes to you it will bounce off and it won’t be that hot inside. So if volcanologists need clothes to wear you will know what to wear.

To become a volcanologist you have to go to university and train to be volcanologist. then you have to pass most of your exams then you are ready to have an interview.When you have been trained to do all the things you need to know you will have an interview. then you will you will be  ready for being a volcanologist. It will be so fun and try your best.

To be a volcanologist you need to be reliable you need to try your best and be responsible and hardworking. You need to be good at doing your job so you don’t get fired. You need to be confident so you know what to do. You also need to be smart. You need to be good at working as a team to work out what you are going to do.

A volcanologist has to be smart with volcanoes and they have to educate people so they can be safe and evacuate. Volcanologist also have to be confident and cautious so they know what to do. Volcanologist always has to be ready and be careful.

If I was a volcanologist I would be so happy to help people in danger and help them evacuate. I love helping so I wish that I can help a lot of people and keep them safe. If
people really need help they are lucky to have me.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross Country

Last week on Monday the whole Pt England school had cross country after lunch. After lunch we had to go to class straight away and line up. When we got to class we had to go to the netball courts to wait for our turn to run.

When it was my turn to run I was nervous. When I heard the clapper bam I started running and I tried my best. As soon as we were by the fence line I slipped it was so slippery, when I slipped the mud was squelching up my toes.

When I was close to the finish I tried my best to get to the finish, when I passed the finish line I was puffed. When I was sitting down I gasped for breath.

When I finished running I was so exhausted that I had to have two drinks to stay hydrated. When i was hydrated I went to my auntie and she was so proud of me she gave me a hug.  After I went to my auntie I went to sit down and cheered on the other runners.  

When I was finished I went to have a drink but I was scared because I couldn’t breath and I just tried my best to calm down and breath in and out. I also cheered people on to try their best. When I was sitting down I heard another bam and I got a fright. When the runners sprinted down the finish line I said "try your best".

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories

My aspiration for the future is a policewoman. I want to  be a policewoman so I can help people in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so I can protect my family.

What does a policewoman do?
A police officers jobs depend on what kind of job they are doing. Arrests bad people that do bad stuff like bad people robb jewellery store and the bank.  A policewoman also has meeting with their employes and investigates cases. Police officers also help people houses that have been robbed.

Why do I want to be a policewoman?
I want to be a policewoman so when ever my family is in a situation I will be there to help them if they are in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so I can help people that are in danger, and when people’s houses have been robbed. That is why i would like to be a policewoman.

How do I become a policewoman?
To become a policewoman I have to apply for the job. Then after I have applied for the job I have to train to get to my goals. After I have trained to get to my goals my manager will call the top three people to see who have got the job so then they have a interview with you.

What equipment does a policewoman need?
Police officers wear different clothes depending on what job they are doing. Police officers also need tasers,guns,blue overalls and police hats. So when police officers use the equipment they need they can put your hands up. They need their equipment to help people in danger. Police officers also use their equipment to put bad people in jail.

What characteristics does a policewoman need?
To be a policewoman you need to be strong and brave. You also need to be confident and


That is why I want to be policewoman. I hope you like reading my story hope you like it. Thank you for reading my story everyone.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A kiwisport coach


INTRODUCTION. (What is a Kiwisport coach?)
A kiwisport coach is like a coach that teaches kids all sort of sports. They are also nice to kids and they educate kids to try their best. They also go to different schools and teach all sort of sports.

Kiwisport coaches help kids play sports that they love and also they teach kids sports that they don’t know. Kiwisport coaches also go to varied school and help kids play sports and games. They also help kids to play sports that they like and they also help them play games and sports.

Kiwisport coaches job also involves helping children to play sports that they want to play. Their jobs also involve going to varied school’s and helping kids learn all kind of sports. They help heaps of kids learn to be fit and good at sports that they love.

Kiwisport coaches need varied equipment depending on what kind of sport they are teaching. Kiwisport coaches wear black t-shirts and black track suit pants. The kind of equipment you need is like hula hoops,bouncy balls,cones,and lily pads.

First you also have to apply for the job then you will be trained.Then you have to compete with other people to see what kind of skills you are good at. You also need to be knowledgeable about sports you know. Then after you’ve trained hard then you will might picked as the top three and you will compete to see what kind of technique you have after you have completed what you need to do  you will have an interview.

To be a kiwisport coach you need to be kind to children and you have to be patient with kids. You also need to be well organised so they know what to do with kids. You also need to be enthusiastic and you have to have good skills.


So I think that a kiwisport is a good job for adults that are good with kids and love sports so they can have fun with kids and learn a lot of sports.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Makayla Mr Burt - A Principal

Principal  Mr Burt
Where? Pt England
How long? For over 20 years

What does his job involve/What does he do?
Mr Burt’s job involves managing our school and being a community man. He also has to be nice to kids and being a helpful man. Mr Burt has leadership to run our school.He also organizes assemblys and meetings.

What equipment does a principal need?
To be a principal you will need an office,laptop,stationary. Mr Burt even needs employees and associate principal. He also needs teachers.

What characteristics does a principal need/(What sort of person do you need to be?)
To be a principal you have to be nice to kids a well helping man. He also has to be good at solving problems as well. He also needs to have a great attitude.

If I was a principal I would be so good at being a principal and I would try my best to be a principal. I would also have a good attitude like Mr Burt and a wonderful principal to others. I would be so happy to be a principal at a school.

Friday, 7 August 2015

FIrefighter News Photo
To start off firefighters save people’s life that are in trouble or accidents. Firefighters have really challenging job and they have to be really brave.

What does firefighters job involve
Firefighters jobs involve saving people from fires. They also extinguish fires. Sometimes they save people that are trapped in car accidents and they use these big clippers to get people that need help out of crashed cars. Firefighters educate people to be fire smart so they know what to do in a fire and when there is an emergency just call 111.

What do firefighters wear
Firefighters wear protective suits that are not flammable They wear protective suits to keep them safe in fires. They also wear a breathing apparatus to help them breath in fires so they don’t breath the gases. Firefighters wear gloves as well,so their hands don’t get burnt lifting hot metal beams. They wear rubber boots that don’t burn in fires because they are safe to wear. They also wear safety helmets with a visor to keep their face safe so they can see and it protects their eyes.

How to become a firefighter
To become a firefighter you have to train hard. You have to be confident and you also have to be reliable. When you have been trained to do all of those things you will have an interview.

If I was a firefighter I would train hard and try my best. To get to my goals I have to try hard. I also have to be confident and work as a team.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Immersion assembly

As soon as I walked into the hall I heard Mr Burt’s loud booming voice say ‘‘Who has one dollar.’’ He was an auctioneer and he was seeing if someone was going to bid for fantastic prizes . With excitement  he keeped going higher because the whole of Pt England were bidding. They were trying to bid for the ball.

My favourite team was item was team four because Mr Somerville was sassy. He said, ‘‘oh no he didn’t’’ and it was really funny my friends laughed along with me . I also liked Miss Lavakula she was happy, there item was was about reactions and emotions.

All of a sudden team five came on and blew me away. My favourite character was Mr Barks acting to be Mr Wiseman’s wife. Their item was about being financially responsible.

Quickly team three came with a funny video of why people work. After the very funny video they were talking to some kids to see what they wanted to be when they grow up. Our item was about why do people work.

After assembly I felt really blown away from all those amazing items.

Awesome piece of writing Makayla, I love the way you talked about lots of different things that happened during the assembly, Mr Moran :)

Monday, 29 June 2015

My term 2 Mario game

Makayla Game from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Makayla term 2 writing sample

Last week on thursday me and my friends had our last netball game we tried our best to work as a team. We played against powerful Puau kotiro they were very good but we tried our best but we still had fun. When it was halftime I had to swap bibs with another girl but I was still on just a different position.

After another half I played a different position again but I didn’t mind. When it was time to play again I hopped back on the court and played hard. On the last half I got to have a little rest, when I was resting I cheered for my team as well.

After the game finished our whole team did three cheers for the other team. Then after that we shaked the other teams hand and said good game. After we finished we also did three cheers for our supporters.

                                  The  End.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I am learning to solve problems by counting the number of groups i’ve made.

My matariki story

What Is Matariki?
Matariki is a maori name for mori new year. Matariki is an important event for NZ. It is an traditional celebration because a cluster of stars appear those stars is called the 7 sisters.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki
One story of the origins is papatuanuku and ranginui was separated from each other, By their son tane mahuta the god of the wind. He separated because to make some light. Tawhirimatea was angry because they were upset with each other. So he showed his anger and he was angry and he hurled his eyes in the sky.

How To See Matariki
You can see matariki at late May and early June. In the northeast horizon. You have to wake up in half an hour before dawn.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
When it is matariki it is the end of harvest and there was a big migration of fish swimming to north where it is warmer. So people can catch some fish and pull out your kumara and riwai. Then you will have plentiful food.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
On matariki you can have feasts and you can fly kites to get as close as you can to the sky by the heavens. You can have visitors and have songs and dances and you can also tell them about matariki.

Maori New Year - today
Today maori new year is celebrating Matariki. You can celebrate matariki in various ways. You also can go in hot air balloons and do some fireworks you can fly kites.