Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 2 Day 10 Week 2

My favorite subject at school is writing. I like writing because I love to write a lot at home and share it with you guys, And I also like to read other peoples writing because it makes me excited to hear what their writing about. And I love to comment on other peoples writing to help them improve.

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  1. Hi Makayla.

    I had a feeling you like writing. I bet you like writing novels and articles. But have you ever thought about writing for the movies?

    Here are a couple of websites that can teach you how to write screenplays (scripts) for the movies.

    First one is - it is a screenwriting tool online and it's free to use. It will format your scripts to the right sizes etc so that they are easier to read.

    Second one is and if you read some of the scripts on here, maybe you can figure out how it's done. Script writing is simple, yet hard because you have to be very clear and succinct, while at the same time still paint a picture and think about what it all will look like.

    If you want to find a book that will help you, there's one called the Hollywood Standard, which will teach you the in's and out's of writing. Save the Cat is also a good book about writing for the movies.

    I used to study film at university, so that's why I am sharing this with you. My hobbies are art and writing too.

    Kia kaha