Monday, 26 December 2016

My Xmas Presents

This is my blog post about my Xmas presents from yesterday. I hope you enjoy and please don't forget to leave a comment on my blog thank you.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Today was the last day of Skids

I also can’t wait until we get to go camping for a day. Not from morning to night, from morning to afternoon. I can’t wait because then we get to have a nap in our tents and play camping games. I’m also excited to go there because I love to camp.

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Today @ Skids

Today I went to my holiday programme called Skids. In the morning we just played around in the hall then around about nine-thirty we sat on the mat to do the roll call. Then after that we were in groups with a Skids teacher, I was with Millie. On that table we were making angels or a christmas tree. I made an angel and it was very hard. And my angel looked ugly because I rushed.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Today was very cool because...

Today was so cool because... we had so much fun.
This is my story about today. I hope you enjoy reading it. Please don't forget to write a comment on my blog thank you.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

First Day of the school holidays

Today the 17th of December was the first day of the school holidays. I was so excited for the school holidays because that meant I was allowed to do some blogging about my holidays. I can’t wait till Christmas though.

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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Bye Bye fans

Hi fans today is the last day that I get to use my chromebook in 2016. That means this is my last  blog post until the holidays, so that means there won’t be any new updates on my blog. And on Friday will be the day we start our holidays. That means I have to leave my wonderful literacy and maths teacher Mr Goodwin. But my homeroom teacher Mr Baxendine has to leave Pt England school forever.

I have one memory that will stay with me my whole life and that was when my coolest friend Paikea and her dad took all the year 5 Sparkles to megazone. Then we went to the Pools, and Paikea’s dad and mum made us some food after we had a swim.
MR BAX.jpg We will miss you Mr Bax Love Hinerangi and Makayla

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Room 10 experiment

Walt: think critically about advertising
We have done an experiment to see which Persil, Supreme or water will clean the singlets better. We had to wash the singlet in water then tip the water out to so we can use the other to wash the singlet with both washing powders. And Then Persil turned out to work better.

Monday, 5 December 2016

My pixel art pictures

Task Description: Hi, have made these two wonderful and yummy food pixels on pixel art if you want to try and make something on pixel art like I have then just click on this link to try it out. If you don't know how to work this app then I will now tell you. so there will be a color pallet on the right side of the page, and if you double click an of the colors then a color picking section then you pick a color you want then you can just draw away with pixels. If you don't know what to draw, just type up pixel art and then there will be a lot of pictures you can copy.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Prize giving is coming up

“Okay class today we will have a prize giving dance practice, straight after morning tea” said Mr Goodwin. Two hours later, “BRING BRING, okay class you can now go get your morning tea” said Mr Goodwin. “Put your food away and come and line up now” shouted Mr Baxendine. So everyone left the class and played outside. A few minutes later “BRING BRING BRING” went the bell. “Come on guys sit up so we can get a ten” said Bethan. “Mr Goodwin’s coming!” yelled Leiite. “Sit up sit up” whispered Makayla. “Wow” said Mr Goodwin. “Did we get a ten?” asked Daisy. “No but you’s got a 9.9” said Mr Goodwin, “well come on guys we have to go prize giving practice” said Mr Goodwin. So Rm10 walked nicely past all the classes to go to the hall for dance practice.

Task Description:
I have made a blog post on how Pt England's prize giving is coming up. Then what I did is I posted it on my blog with a Task Description, labels and a good title. I hope you enjoy my story and don't forget to comment on my blog if you like this story.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

all about me

This is my google slides presentation, all about me. This is my presentation about my life in 2016. hope you enjoy my all about me presentation don't forget to comment on my blog.\

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Excited 4 Christmas

WALT: Make writing more interesting

This is my presentation about me being excited for Christmas in 24 days. Did you know it is the 1st of December, and it is the first day of SUMMER yay!! that means it will be hot a lot. please let me know if you are excited for Christmas. And please comment on my blog post.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes

Makayla ch ch ch ch changes from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my ch ch ch ch changes movie for this term. hope you enjoy and please leave a comment on my blog thank you.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Getting lost at Motat

Walt: write a narrative

“Mrs Moala!” yelled Daisy. “Hello where’s your other friends?” asked Mrs Moala. “They’re at the machine building”. So the two of them went to the machine building and found the rest of the girls. “MRS MOALA!” yelled Paikea. “Hey girls come on let’s go back to school” said Mrs Moala. So all of them went back to Glen Innes and Mrs Moala dropped all the girls back home safely.

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Image result for motat
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Task Description: We had to write a story about Motat. Then we had to put it on my blog with a WALT, Title, Task Description and labels. Hope you enjoy my story.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Tomorrow's trip to Motat

Tomorrow the 15th of November the year 6's are going on their school camp. Their camp is on an island. They will travel on a boat to the island. While there gone for four days from the 15-18th of November, the year fives will be going on a trip to Motat tomorrow. Did you know that our own teacher Mr Goodwin is nice enough to go and help the year six's at their camp tomorrow. While he's at camp we will have the wonderful Mrs Moala, Miss Lavakula and Mr Baxendine. On the trip we will be in groups with them and a few helpful parents. The year fours in our class are lucky enough because they get to come on the trip with us, I hope we have fun.

Please comment on my blog if you go to Motat
Hope you enjoy


Walt: to synthesise information across multiple texts

Task Description: I had to explain what hydrophobic and hydrophilic means. I also had to explain what hydrophobic and hydrophilic does in the washing machine. Then I had to post it on my blog with a Title, WALT, Task Description and labels.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

True or false-washing powder

Walt: to synthesise information across multiple texts

Task Description: We had to  make a copy of this presentation, then we had to write statements as you can see. Then we had to tell if it was true or not. Then when we finished this presentation we had to post it on our blog with a Walt, task description,labels and a title.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Into the cave

Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing

“Beep Beep” went off Mikaela’s alarm, she got out of bed and got changed into her work clothes. On the other hand Tyler gets changed at his flat as well to come and pick up Mikaela to go to work. “Knock knock” Tyler was at the door. “Morning Mikaela” said Tyler, “morning Tyler” said Mikaela. “Shall we go” asked Tyler. “Sure, let me lock up first” said Mikaela. Then they left Mikaela’s flat to go to work. As soon as they get to work, and Jack one of their friends come and tell them that he saw on the news that their is a missing person who got lost in a cave by the lake in the park.

If you liked my intro here's a link to my whole story. WRITING LINK

Image Attribution: By Doug Knuth from Woodstock, IL (Son Doong-47) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Task Description: We had to write a story about going into the cave. But there was a twist we had to do it in test style, and we had to write a full narrative.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

My Poems

Walt: write a poem using nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Task Description: We had to write poems about a certain subject. We also had to include nouns, verbs and adjectives. Please enjoy my poems I tried my best.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

P.E.S Olympics

Today the 13th of October, Pt England hosted an annual Pt England 2016 Olympics. All the children from our school had to compete. But there is a twist, we were put into countries as teams to compete in. I was in South Africa A. they were all nice to me. There was also another twist the year 1’s-4’s competed by themselves and the year 5’s-8 competed with each other. But at the end of the Olympic games all the teams came back to where we were held which was the hard court and said our plan, then we had lunch and after lunch we had a little podium ceremony. And in 6th place was Jamaica, in 5th place was Japan, in 4th place was Canada, but in 3rd place was the team I was in South Africa, in 2nd place was Brazil and in first place Fiji. today I had so much fun at the Olympics.

taking my chromebook home

Today at school Mr Goodwin (my teacher) gathered about eight children on the mat today. He started to talk about how we had bring our forms home to take our Chromebooks home, then he told that he had our forms and that we were treating our Chromebooks well. Then some good news came out he told us that we could take our Chromebooks home. I was so happy that I could take my Chromebook home because then I can finish off work and I can blog. “Yaaaaay” I yelled in my head. I wasn’t the only out of my friends that took my Chromebook home my friend Paikea and Naomi had the opportunity to take their Chromebooks home, I was so happy for them because I wasn’t the only out my friends “yay” I thought. So now that I got my Chromebook at my house I can blog and do my homework. Hope you enjoy looking at my posts now that my Chromebooks with me at home, and please don’t forget to comment on my blog thank you.

here's a photo of me at home. (Chromebook in front)

Friday, 23 September 2016

End of term 3

Hi there all my fans today the 23rd of September is the last day of term 3 at P.E.S, our school will be finishing at 12.30pm. That means I will not be that active with blogging in the holidays, but luckily I might blog about my holidays. But we will be starting back at school on the 10th of October. But for now bye bye and don't stop commenting on my cool blog.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Watching Holes

Hi there all my fans today me and my class just finished watching a movie named Holes. But actually we read the book of it first then we watched the movie. I couldn't wait to watch the movie because the book made me feel like I wanted to watch the movie.

I rate this book a 5/5, because the first page made me feel like I needed to watch the movie. Me rating the movie I think it is a 5/5 because it was really cool and it was really funny. I recommend that if you want to watch the movie read the book first and then watch the movie because then you will get it.

Here is the link to the movie
Image result for holes louis sachar

My narrative about space

Space Breakdown
By Makayla

Walt: write a narrative
Walt: demonstrate understanding of a number of strategies and skills for writing (for example, use of paragraphs, a range of sentence types, descriptive language, punctuation, spelling).

How do you think this space trip will end good or bad? One day Meliana was driving to her job as an astronaut for NASA, once she got to work she went into her office and put down her stuff. She had got called to the boss’s office and got told that she was going to the moon.

Task Description: We had to write a narrative about outer space. Then we had to post it on our blog with a Task description,Walt,title,labels,picture and a link to go to my whole story. Please enjoy my story.
If you liked this story here is a link to the whole story

Friday, 16 September 2016

Family of facts

Walt: identify the equation in problem solving questions.

task description: We had to go on our class site and get this presentation. Then we had to answer the questions. Then we had to post it on our blog with a task description, WALT, labels and a title.

Olympics movie

Makayla Olympics from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
This is my movie about the Rio 2016 Olympics. Don't forget to post a comment on my blog. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 9 September 2016

What are sports drinks

Walt: think critically about information.

Task Description: We had to read a article that is called Pros and cons. Then we had to do a PMI about sports drinks. Then for experts if we wanted to do it we can do a presentation about what sports drinks are. Then we had to put it on our blog with a Task Description, labels, WALT and a good title

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Spider drama

Walt: write multiple endings to a story.

Task description:
first we had to write a pick a path story with multiple ends. Then we had to put it in a presentation with the links as the pathwayes. Then we had to post it on our blog with a title, a walt, a task description and labels.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Letter to John Key

Pt England School
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Thursday 25 August 2016

Dear Prime Minister John Key,

Talofa Lava my name is Makayla. I am sending this letter to you to write about the problem of pollution and plastic waste. Did you know a NZ bird, Black petrel approached shore sick. Someone was generous enough to take it to the marine hospital and it died a few moments after because it had eaten a dark blue milk bottle cap. So I stand up for our birds that are sick and dying out in our seas.

You need to let more people know that they shouldn’t be throwing their plastic waste through the drain, because it reaches to the sea and it makes our sea look untidy. That means it would affect our seabirds, and that makes them get very sick and die because of plastic waste.

Therefore I think that you need to make a law statement explaining like I said that they need to stop dropping their plastic waste into the water drains. If they don’t listen to this law then they might have to be fined for littering their rubbish through the drains. Or you can put more people out in public to clean the drains because the drains are full. If you don’t do this then all of our native birds will die because of plastic waste.

Yours sincerely,


Task Description: First we watched a few video's about plastic waste and it going to the sea and talk about it. Then we had to write a practise letter to John Key but we are arguing. then we had to post it on our blog.

Advertising advice blog

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

Task Description: We had to make an advice blog about false advertising. Then we had to post it on my blog with a good title, a WALT, task description and labels. If you liked this advice blog check out my other ones.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Flapping Race

Walt: share our writing on our blogs in interesting ways.

If you liked this presentation you can read the full story of The Flapping Race below.
Full story

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Sponsorship shirt and choice

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources

I picked Adidas for my main sponsor, and I picked Reebok for my sub sponsor. I picked Reebok and Adidas because together they sponsor $16,000 dollars to my athlete. I also picked these two brands because I like the merchandise and their brands style it is cool. I will be earning $16,000 dollars from Adidas and Reebok together when its combined.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Tryathlon and triathlon

WALT: Comprehension - using the text to find information.

The difference between tryathlon and triathlon is tryathlon is by Weet-Bix and it is only for kids that want to give it a try and train to be fit and happy, they even just get to have a race and get to the end then the ones that finish the course get a medal. Then triathlon is where people get trained to particpate in an race to get to the end and in trithlon you win. In triathlon you can race against other people as well.

Task Description: I had to write a few sentences on which is the difference between triathlon and tryathlon. Then I had to post it on my blog with a WALT,Task Description,agood title and labels.

Monday, 8 August 2016

It's the first day of the Olympics

Today was the opening of the Rio 2016 Olympics. The only people that compete in the Olympics are the bestest people at their sport in the country that they represent.The Rio 2016 Olympics is an event where heaps of athletes come from their countries and play sports to represent their country, if they come in the top 3 they will get a medal. If you come 1st you get a gold medal,if you come 2nd you get a silver medal and if you come 3rd you get a bronze medal. 

At this Olympics I am excited to see Usain Bolt drink Gatorade. I am also excited to watch Valerie Adams throw the heavy shot put. I was wondering if Valerie Adams is going to come first at her sport. I can't wait to watch the Olympics this year because it is going to be exciting and fun. 

This year I want to watch gymnastics because I like the technique of their acts and I love the music. I hope there will be a New Zealander gymnast there and that they come in the top 3. I also want to watch Usain Bolt sprint down the track and come 1st. This year I am excited for the Rio 2016 Olympics. 

Advice blog

Walt: synthesise information from multiple sources
Task Description: I had to do a advice blog. I had to give advice to a random person that was on this presentation. Then I had to post it on my blog.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Descriptive Writing-Extension

All the men in the 100m final started stretching and preparing themselves for the race. The packed out crowd at the Olympic Stadium were cheering loudly as the men were preparing. The race official said “on your marks” and the men knelt down and put their feet on the starting blocks. The crowd went crazy.

Suddenly the race official said “get set” and then the men put their bottoms up and hands on the ground. Moments later the gun went off and the men started to sprint down the track. The crowd cheered louder for the men as they were sprinting. The men were sprinting as hard as they could so that they could get a medal. Their bodies were moving their fast and quick. The men started to approach the finish line. Then suddenly Usain Bolt came 1st in the race.

Everyone cheered for Usain Bolt as he came 1st in the race. He was so proud of himself because he came 1st. When the race had finished the top three runners went to get their medals. As soon as Usain Bolt had been given his gold medal he did his special move. The cameraman kept taking photos of him while he was walking away.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

If I was an Olympic athlete

Walt: use a plan when writing.

This year it is the sporty and tough Rio 2016 Olympics. I am competing in the high hurdles for NZ. Hurdles is where you sprint on the track then you approach a fence like hurdles that you jump over. I have been training hard and long for 4 yrs and now at the Olympics it will be time for me to pay off all my good training and exercise.

At the Olympics I will be competing in Hurdles. I am competing in hurdles because I like to jump and run. This Olympics I will be fast and strong. I love jumping over hurdles especially I love to jump. I am going to try my best at hurdles because I trained a lot and now it’s going to pay off at the Olympics.

This year in the Olympics I will be representing New Zealand in hurdles. I am representing NZ because that is where I am from and I was born as a nice and strong kiwi. I will win for NZ and I will be a champion. NZ I will win a gold medal for you.

At the Olympic games I think the ceremony will be great and cultural. I will be nervous in hurdles but this event is dedicated to my family and NZ. Once I win and I walk with the NZ flag I will take pride in my competition. I will be happy if I was the winner and I will be grateful of what I have been given.

My thoughts towards Olympics is try your best and train hard. Another thought is remember to just be brave and try your best. But the thing you need to do is be grateful of what you’re actually doing and just be happy. Most of all be proud of yourself and just do your best you don’t always need to win.

Task Description: First I had a plan on how the structure of my story was. Then I had to write a 5 paragraph story about myself being in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Next I had to post it on my blog with a WALT, picture of the Olympic rings,labels,great title and a task description. 

Friday, 8 July 2016

Goodbye for term 2

Hi there fans it’s me Makayla here I just want to say goodbye for the two week holiday in NZ. You still can check my blog and comment it is just that I will not be blogging. But I still am coming back to school but in two weeks. I am going to go to my holiday program Skids. We get to go on trips and see people that are good at sports and other thing. We even get to do fun things like go swimming, go in sumo orbs and go ice skating. Isn’t that fun. On the 15th of July I am going to get my nails done with my mum. I can’t wait until the holidays. Remember to keep commenting bye.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Warrior animation

Makayla Warrior princess from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my movie about my warrior princess Teuila.

Who likes zoo?

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.

Task description:I had 3 people that love zoos. I had to see their opinions and think from my opinions if they like zoos and if they would've saved or shot the gorilla. Then I had to post it on my blog with a WALT,task description,labels and a good title.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Teuila and the great white shark

Teuila’s heart was pounding as she was being chased by a great white shark. She was exhausted from swimming so hard, but she knew that as a warrior she could do anything to escape situations like this. Teuila had a lifetime ahead of her and she didn’t want to die.

But the problem was that she was swimming far away from her tribal village. She knew she had to escape from the shark but she also knew that she had to get back quickly to her village. She thought that someone could see her but no one had noticed that she was gone.

Suddenly the shark gave up and she swam away.  Teuila spotted an island in the distance. Limping out of the water she noticed that she had a very bad cut on her leg. She found two sticks and used them as walking sticks.

After what seemed like a long time, Teuila found a little hut in a small village. She barged in and looked for someone to help her. An old lady said “Hello are you ok?” “No I have hurt my leg badly and I need to fix it” said Teuila. “Oh sure I can help you” said the old lady as she helped Teuila. After a long time it was starting to get dark. The old lady said “Oh no there is a storm about to hit”. “What? No! There can’t be! I have to get home!” Teuila said.

“Go to sleep and we will get you home tomorrow” said the old lady. The next morning Teuila woke up to a village that looked like it had been destroyed. “Oh my goodness that storm must of been big” said Teuila. The old lady said “Yes, yes it was”. Suddenly the old lady said that her grandson had a boat, and that he could take her home. “Why thank you. Now I can see my family again” said Teuila gratefully.

“TEUILA where were you?” said Teuila’s mum. “Sorry mum it’s a long story”. “I’m so happy that I’m back” Teuila said. She explained how she had been chased by a shark, getting lost and then surviving a storm. Her family were so relieved to hear that she was ok. That night, Teuila’s family made a huge feast to welcome her back. Then they lived happily ever after.

Task Description:This is my narrative story about my Maori or pacific warrior Teuila. I also have a image of her in the village. She is with the old lady that helped her.