Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 1 & 2 Day 6 week 2

Here is my poem on how I would feel

I just got off the plane, what oh what shall I do. I am so so scared oh what shall I do, ok ok let's go to my hotel and have some fun today. wow! this hotel is so fun, this is kinda not that bad. "Gracias", now I've got my room key let's go have some fun. ooh let's get some room service that would be great, what oh what shall I get. ooh nachos, ooh tacos no it isn't burritos. "um Hola Habla usted Ingles?" "yes I do" said the person on the other side. "oh great can I have a beef and salad burrito please" I said. "sure" said the other person. "Gracias" said I. after a few minutes I got my burrito it was amazing, after that burrito I wasn't scared anymore.

My feeling selfie.

1 comment:

  1. Cool little poem there, Makayla.

    It looks like you can take changes to your immediate environment with ease! I also like how the poem talks about food haha!

    Ka pai!