Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Explaintion about my test

I am going to explain to you what do you have to do to be ready for a important test.

To be ready for a important test you have to have a good breakfast for a good test. For a important test you always have to have a nice breakfast if you want to pass your important test with out food than you will focus on you test. And you also have to eat a healthy breakfast. If you eat a good breakfast you will have a happy day and will pass your important test.

If you have a good sleep before school it will help you pass your test and won't be disappointed. When you have good sleep you have energy. When you have heaps of sleep than you will pass your test and you can stay happy. 

 This is what you have to do to be ready for a important test.

Friday, 24 October 2014

What does a teacher do all day

I am going to explain to you what teachers do all day.

Teachers prepare activities for kids so they can learn new things. When teachers like Miss King prepare's  our learning for us. They would have to do that so the kids can grow up to be clever.

Teachers also have to teach the kids to behave their best so they can listen to the instrustions. When they behave they can learn and be clever at their tests. If they behave the teacher would be happy and proud of that kid because they could listen to the instructions that the teacher says.

So you can see that the things a teacher does all day 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Division - sharing

I can solve problems by making equal shares and linking them x2x5x10 multiplication facts.

Sarah C

Sarah C is a artist based on Mangawai head.Her painting  was painted on corrugated iron.Because the demand was on high, her paintings were all sold out.The people wanted paintings that could hang on the or in the garden.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

My holidays

These holidays I just can’t wait because I’m going too.. THE MOVIES YAY!!!

These holidays I am at my nana and grandpa’s house, on thursday me my two little cousins and my aunts are going to the movies but I don’t know what we are watching I hope it’s Teenage mutant  ninja turtles because I’ve never seen it before. But for today I will be fine as long as it is boring.

On Thursday it is going to be fun

            By Makayla.