Friday, 6 January 2017

Activity 2 Day 20 Week 4

I loved learning about the animals that I picked because it really interested me. I also liked learning about the public holidays in the other countries. I also liked learning about the cool sights to see in other countries that I never even heard before.

Activity 1 Day 20 Week 4

So I would want Lasagne and macaroni and cheese. I want them because there my most favorite food ever. Well I like more food but these ones are better. This is what I would like for my meal when I come back from Mexico.

Activity 2 Day 19 Week 4

I have picked the hoverboard. I picked the hoverboard because it looks so fun to ride on. I also picked it because I love hover craft and the hoverboard's are so interesting to me. The last reason why I picked the hoverboard because I've always wanted to ride a hoverboard.

Activity 1 Day 19 Week 4

So I have picked to travel on a train. I have decided that because not only it's faster but there's no stops. I also picked the train because it is nice. I also picked it because I love trains and I love looking outside how fast we are going. And the last reason why I picked the train because in my home country I so love trains.

Activity 2 Day 18 Week 4

When you are at the zoo, you have the chance to learn about some animals that are specifically found in your country. They are called ‘indigenous’ animals. This means that they are originally from your country. Use Google to identify two indigenous animals from your country. On your blog, post a picture of the animals and tell us a bit about them. What are they called? Where do they live? What do they eat?

So the two animals I picked is a elephant and a giraffe. I have picked these two animals because I think that they are really interesting. And whenever I go to the zoo I love looking at the giraffes and the elephants especially the babies.

There are two types of elephants in the world. Their names are the Asian elephants and the African elephants. But in the Auckland zoo we have the Asian elephants. Elephants eat grasses, small plants, fruit and more.

African elephant live in  sub-Saharan Africa, the rain forests of Central and West Africa. They also live in the Sahel desert in Mali. Asian elephants live in Nepal, India and Southeast Asia in the scrub forests and the rain forests.

Giraffes live mainly in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. Giraffes have long necks and because of that they can reach the trees to eat leaves. They also have long tongues to help them pull the leaves off the tree.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Activity 1 Day 18 Week 4

I had just entered the zoo when, all of a sudden, I saw a gorilla and a monkey performing a dance. They were doing the tango, I didn't know that animals can dance. "Wow" I saw a lion and a tiger come out and dance as well, this time they were doing hip hop. 

And last of all I saw two elephants doing freestyle. So after that performance we walked around to see the other animals when we saw a person doing the limbo with three crocodiles, we were so amazed that they weren't vicious. Then we kept on walking and we saw a big family of hippos, we saw three baby hippos and two adult hippos. 

So we kept walking and walking when we reached the MONKEYS, all we could see was swinging monkeys swing from tree to tree. we kept walking and walking then there were three pathways to the parrots, to the turtles and to the giraffes we didn't want to see giraffes because we already saw them in the beginning of the trip. So we wanted to go see the parrots  but instead we went and saw the turtles. They were so cute walking around in there little habitat.

Activity 2 Day 17 Week 4

So if I had to host a visitor and take them on a tour of NZ I would take them to Rotorua (North island), Queenstown (South island) and the Sky tower (Auckland, North island). And this is where I would take them because I think they will have fun there.

Activity 1 Day 17 Week 4

I would pick Gruta de las Canicas. I chose it because it has 2.0 million pearls on the cave floor. And because of that it's on the cave floor I love pearls so I would probably be able to find pearls there.

Activity 2 day 16 Week 4

NZ International kiwi food day (NZIKFD) for short

NZIKFD is a NZ public holiday where every kiwi has two days off of work to spend time with their family and friends. They kiwi food like hangi, bbq, salad and more. They also have a day at the beach or pools some people even go to the NZIKFD food sale at countdown, new world and pak n save.

Activity 1 Day 16 Week 4

If I would be there I would eat burritos, nachos and enchiladas. On that day I would also like the folkfore dancing and a parade. And then I'd like to participate in a parade.

Activity 2 Day 15 Week 3

If I was to leave school at 12 or 13 I wouldn't mind. I wouldn't mind because at my school I have to leave at 12 or 13. But if I didn't I would be really sad because I would have to leave my friends and leave all my teachers after the history I've had with them.

Activity 1 Day 15 Week 3
  1. What do you think of this painting? Do you like it? I think that this painting really interesting and I think that it looks so familiar. Yes I do like this painting it is really interesting.
  2. If you could buy it and give it to someone, who would you choose? If I would buy this I would give it to my papa.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Activity 2 Day 14 Week 3

  •  Hillary Clinton's real name is Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton.
  • she was the 67th United States Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.
  • And she only has one child and her name is  Chelsea Clinton

Activity 1 Day 14 Week 3

So if I was the prime minister of New Zealand 3 rules that I would make is that everyone can eat lollies for breakfast. Everyone can eat chocolate for lunch and KFC for dinner. I picked these things because I like lollies, chocolate and KFC. 

Activity 2 Day 13 Week 3

Every year there is a huge music festival held in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is called WOMAD. WOMAD stands for ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance.’ The festival began in 1980 and there are WOMAD festivals held every year in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Italy and The United Arab Emirates. They attract singers and performers from all around the world. Imagine that you are on the WOMAD organizing committee for next year. Which two musicians/bands would you invite to perform? On your blog tell us the names of the two musicians/bands and tell us a bit about them. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?

So the two musicians I have picked is Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. Beyonce's music genres are contemporary R&B, Pop music and soul music. Beyonce's origins are Houston, Texas and the United states.

Justin Timerlake is a American singer, songwriter, actor and a record producer. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He was in the TV shows Star Search and The All-New Mickey Mouse Club when he was a child.

Activity 1 Day 13 Week 3

So I have 3 songs here from Justin Bieber. what I have to do is watch all 3 of these songs, and now I have to rank these songs out of 3. So 1 (Best), 2 (Ok) and 3 (Worst).

First I will be ranking Sorry first. I really liked sorry, but then I kinda didn't so I'd rank it a 2.
Next I will be ranking Love yourself. I wasn't able to watch it, it said it was restricted. But because I've heard it and watched it before, I didn't quite like it. So I rank it a 3.
Now I will be ranking Baby. I think it's cool it was really catchy and now I have it stuck in my head. And so now I like it so I rank it a 1.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Activity 2 Day 12 Week 3

So my favorite TV show is Dance moms. there are eight girls Nia Frazier, Kalani Hilliker, Brynn Rumfallo, Kendall Vertes, Camryn Bridges, Elliana Walmsley, Lilliana Ketchman and Maesi Caes. They are the junior elite team for Abby Lee Miller. Abby Lee runs her own dance studio The Abby Lee Dance Company. This TV show is about eight girls come everyday to the dance studio to learn their dances for each competetion. each day the girls come in with their moms drama always start because of the moms.

Bonus Activity Day 11 Week 3

According to the Love New Zealand website, the most popular sports in New Zealand are rugby union, rugby league, netball, soccer and cricket. In your opinion, which of these sports is the best one? On your blog tell us which sport you think is the best. Be sure to tell us why. Give us as many reasons as you can!
So I think that rugby union is the most popular sport in NZ. I think that because every time the rugby union world cup comes on NZ will always be watching the all blacks because their legends. I also think that it's the most popular sport because the all blacks are a NZ team.

Activity 2 Day 11 Week 3

So I have Chosen Maria Tutaia as my sports hero. I chose her because she plays netball like me. I also picked her because I think she is good at netball and that she can shoot very good. I also picked her because she plays for the NZ Silver ferns and that means she plays as a New Zealander.
Image Atrribution:

Activity 1 Day 11 Week 3

I have chosen Netball. I chose netball because I played netball for my school this year. I also chose netball because I was in the year 5 Sparkles and I loved playing with them. I love to play netball and that is why I picked this sport.

Activity 2 Day 10 Week 2

My favorite subject at school is writing. I like writing because I love to write a lot at home and share it with you guys, And I also like to read other peoples writing because it makes me excited to hear what their writing about. And I love to comment on other peoples writing to help them improve.

Activity 1 Day 10 Week 2

this is a German students part of their diary.

So the only thing that is simillar to my school in Germany is that one of our breaks are around about 11:10-11:30. But if I would have to pick what school I would go to is my school here in NZ because I'm used to the schedule, other why's if I went to the school Germany I'd be so so lost.

Activity 2 Day 9 Week 2

So if I was in a family with 18 brothers and sister, I'd love it because then we can play with each other, make bet's with each other and we can do challenges with each other. But what I wouldn't like is that if I'm trying to have some peace and quiet I won't be able to because there will be a lot of kids running around. But if I would be the oldest what I would do is to help my parents with the kids.

Activity 1 Day 9 Week 2

Tell people about my family. So there are three people in my family, me, my mum and my uncle. I do not have any brothers or sisters I'm the only one. But I actually like being the only one because I get spoiled a lot. But then sometimes I don't like being the only one because then I have no one to play with, to fight with and to make bet's with. So yeah sometime I like to be the only one and then sometimes I don't.

Summer Activities

What my mum likes to do in the summer holidays:

  1. my mum likes to sit in the sun and cloud gaze
  2. my mum also likes to go for walks
  3. my mum likes to watch movies
  4. my mum loves to go swimming
  5. she likes to eat ice cream

Activity 1 Day 8 Week 2

What I like to do in summer time:

sometimes in summer time I like to lie in bed and watch YouTube. I also like to go for walks with my mum. But my most favorite thing to do in summer is to go for a swim on sunny days when I'm hot. Oh and guess what sometimes in summer I have a water fight with my cousins on my trampoline it's really fun because we fight then after that we put balloons on the base of the trampoline then we jump and we try not to step on the balloons always they will pop. And one time we had a water fight and I got to water balloons and popped it on their heads.

Activity 2 Day 7 Week 2

I am supposed to be eating a kiwifruit in real life but I didn't have a kiwifruit so I just used a picture of a kiwifruit.

Activity 1 Day 7 Week 2

Mexico – Chilequilas

1. What you eat for breakfast? What I eat for breakfast is Coco pops in milk.

2. What people in your chosen country eat for breakfast? Mexican people eat Chilequilas.

3. Which of the two breakfast options (your breakfast or the breakfast in the other country) you prefer. Why do you prefer it? I would prefer my normal breakfast. I choose my breakfast because I'm not used to it and I don't know If I'm allergic to anything in it.

Image attribution:
So what I have to do is I had to look for the breakfast that my particular country eats. so the particular country is Mexico so I had to get what breakfast Mexican people commonly eat and that is Chilequilas. Then now I have to say what my common breakfast is then I have to compare which breakfast I would prefer to eat.

Bonus activity week 2

                    The country I chose to translate is Spanish because I love their language.
                                                    Good morning: Buenos dias
                                                            Good bye: Adios
                                     How much does this cost: Cuánto cuesta este
                              When is the next bus: Cuándo pasa el próximo autobús
                     Where is the nearest hospital: Donde esta el hospital mas cercano

Activity 1 & 2 Day 6 week 2

Here is my poem on how I would feel

I just got off the plane, what oh what shall I do. I am so so scared oh what shall I do, ok ok let's go to my hotel and have some fun today. wow! this hotel is so fun, this is kinda not that bad. "Gracias", now I've got my room key let's go have some fun. ooh let's get some room service that would be great, what oh what shall I get. ooh nachos, ooh tacos no it isn't burritos. "um Hola Habla usted Ingles?" "yes I do" said the person on the other side. "oh great can I have a beef and salad burrito please" I said. "sure" said the other person. "Gracias" said I. after a few minutes I got my burrito it was amazing, after that burrito I wasn't scared anymore.

My feeling selfie.

Bonus activity week 1 Notification letter

Dear mum,

I will be going to mexico for a month and a half, I'm going to Mexico city to try some of their amazing food. As you know that Mexico has some of the best food I like to eat. If you would like to come with me your truly welcome too. 

Yours sincerely

Activity 2 Day 1 week 1 The 3 facts about Mexico

1. The official name for Mexico is the United Mexican states.

2. In Mexico artists can pay their taxes their artwork

3. And did you know that Mexico sinks 10 inches a year

Activity 1 Day 1 week 1 The country I'd like to visit (Mexico)

I would like to visit Mexico. I would like to visit Mexico because I love the food there, like burritos, tacos and nachos. I would also like to go to Mexico because I think that their resorts looks like so much fun that I want to go there.
This is my favorite resort.
Image attribution:

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy New years

Today is the 1st of January, which means it's new years day. Because today is new years day that means it is the first day of 2017, isn't that cool. Did you also know that my birthday is in 17days, can you guess when my birthday is, there will be some options at the bottom of this page. comment what option you think is my birthday. thank you.

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  • 24 Feb
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