Thursday, 30 June 2016

Plan a Short Story-Superhero

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.

Dark Light, she is a young woman who likes to hang out with her friends. When she gets angry she creates a storm. She gets her power from rain and storm. Dark Light’s real name is Stella Donaldson. And then we have Silver Flash, she is a speedy girl who likes to run a lot. She gets her powers from the sun when it shines. Her real name is Anna Jackson.

“Gidday Silver Flash” yelled Dark Light, “Hi there Dark light” said Silver Flash. “I just took a stroll” said Dark Light. “I came for a run” said Silver Flash... They both arranged lunch together. Suddenly a man came and pushed her and she spill her drink on Silver Flash.

She got angry and angrier that she created a big storm. She switched into her costume. She created a storm. She made heavy rain that made lightning.  Everyone evacuated the area and Silver Flash helped the elders.

Silver Flash went up to Dark Light and tried to calm Dark Light down but she couldn't. “Stella stop you're not like this” said Silver Flash. Dark light looked at her, “this is who I am Anna” said Dark Light.

“Dark Light Stella please stop you’re not like this, you're my friend I know you are” said Silver Flash. Dark Light looked down at Silver flash she felt so sad. Dark Light stopped the storm and dropped to  the ground. She started crying and Silver Flash came and hugged her. “I’m sorry” said Dark light. They cleaned up the city.

Task Description: We had to write a story about something that happened in my superheroes life. It was the superhero I drew on paper for the school art exhibition. The two people in my story was Silver Flash and Dark Light.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Bok choy cabbage

Walt: summarise stories and information.

Task Description: First we had to add a free to use picture of bok choy and add a image attribution. Then we hd to add two recipe's on how to cook bok choy and why we wanted to try it. Then we had to say facts about bok choy.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Setting decription

Walt: write a setting description.

Task description: We had to describe 4 settings. We also had vocab to help us describe the settings. We had to then post on our blog and then we are done.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Bok choy postcard

Walt: summarise stories and information.

Task description: For this task I made a copy of the postcard task. Then I had to put in a picture of a chinese village. After that I had to send message to anyone I wanted, I told them that I traveled to the chinese village and next I told about anything that was the same as  the story but in my own words,

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Problem solving

Walt: solve problems using decimals.

Task Description:We had to solve a dollar/decimal problem. So then we had to explain how we got the answer in words. I even had to write it in my book and then take a picture and put it on.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Monster character description

Walt: write a character description.

Task description:We had to describe the image of the characters. I didn't create these characters I am just describing them from my ideas. So I don't know if they are like what I said.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Maori and pacific warrior

Teuila’s heart was pounding as she was being chased by a great white shark. She was exhausted from swimming so hard, but she knew that as a warrior she could do anything to escape situations like this. Teuila had a lifetime ahead of her and she didn’t want to die.

But the problem was that she was swimming far away from her tribal village. She knew she had to escape from the shark but she also knew that she had to get back quickly to her village. She thought that someone could see her but no one had noticed that she was gone.

Suddenly the shark gave up and she swam away.  Teuila spotted an island in the distance. Limping out of the water she noticed that she had a very bad cut on her leg. She found two sticks and used them as walking sticks.

After what seemed like a long time, Teuila found a little hut in a small village. She barged in and looked for someone to help her. An old lady said “Hello are you ok?” “No I have hurt my leg badly and I need to fix it” said Teuila. “Oh sure I can help you” said the old lady as she helped Teuila. After a long time it was starting to get dark. The old lady said “Oh no there is a storm about to hit”. “What? No! There can’t be! I have to get home!” Teuila said.

“Go to sleep and we will get you home tomorrow” said the old lady. The next morning Teuila woke up to a village that looked like it had been destroyed. “Oh my goodness that storm must of been big” said Teuila. The old lady said “Yes, yes it was”. Suddenly the old lady said that her grandson had a boat, and that he could take her home. “Why thank you. Now I can see my family again” said Teuila gratefully.

“TEUILA where were you?” said Teuila’s mum. “Sorry mum it’s a long story”. “I’m so happy that I’m back” Teuila said. She explained how she had been chased by a shark, getting lost and then surviving a storm. Her family were so relieved to hear that she was ok. That night, Teuila’s family made a huge feast to welcome her back. Then they lived happily ever after.

Friday, 10 June 2016

three little pigs wanted posters

Walt: understand perceptions

Task Description: We had to make two wanted posters for the three little pigs. One for the pigs for framing the wolf when he wanted a cup of sugar for his granny.  One for the wolf for eating the pigs and blowing there houses down.

Avengers Assemble!

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

“There is a robbery” said Hawkeye. “Avengers Assemble” said Captain America. So there went the Avengers to save the day, suddenly they caught Ultron trying to steal  weapons. “Stop right there Ultron” said Thor. “Well well well look who it is the avengers” said Ultron.
Ultron commanded the avengers to leave, they denied Ultron. Suddenly Ultron called his duplicated robots to come and protect him from the avengers, the avengers were very bus fighting Ultron. Suddenly Scarlet and Quicksilver came to help Ultron. “Hello catch me if you can” said Quicksilver.
Suddenly Ultron left with Scarlet and Quicksilver. “Let’s go and make some potion” said Ultron.
Then Ultron got to the avengers HQ (Headquarters) and commanded to let him in the lab. “No” said

“Ok let’s do it the hard way” said Ultron “BOOM” went the security to the wall. “Let me in” commanded Ultron,”ok”said the security. Then Ultron got in the lab and smashed the nurse to the ground and used her as the test. “It works” said Ultron. Suddenly the avenger came and Ultron was leaving. “He got away” said Hawkeye

Then they found Ultron in the truck with the nurse. “Black widow get in there” said Captain America “BANG” flew Black widow on the truck. Suddenly Scarlet came and put Black widow in a sleep of memories. “Man down man down” said Thor. “Hulk get in there” said Thor. Suddenly Hulk smashed open the door and threw ultron out. Then he smashed Quicksilver and Scarlet. But Black widow was still asleep.

Then Ultron went back to his lair and put the potion it the machine. “No he did it” said Captain America. We have to fight him and and destroy the machine, Ultron was in the city watching everyone. “Ultron destroy the machine” said Captain America. “Avengers assemble”. Then Scarlet and Quicksilver joined the avengers,”what” said Ultron. “We had enough” said Scarlet and Quicksilver.

Suddenly the Avenger fighted for the World and destroyed the machine. “NO” said Ultron. The avengers destroyed the machine and the world went back to how it was. Then Scarlet pulled out Ultrons heart because he was knocked out. “Good job avengers you two Quicksilver and Scarlet. Suddenly one of the duplicates shot Quicksilver “NO” said Scarlet, the hawkeye shot the Ultron. THE END!!!
Task Description: We had to rewrite an story from these two pictures. I picked the second picture. There was two pictures and were Avengers age of Ultron and Captain America civil war. I picked Avengers age of Ultron.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Descriptive writing-Extension

Task Description:We had to write about 6 things. We also had to add the 5 senses. Which is sight,Smell,sound,touch and taste. Take a look at my descriptive writing task

problem solving

Walt: solve problems using decimals.

Task Description: We had to explain how we got this answer. We also had to explain in words how we got this.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwins new car

WALT:We had to describe a picture

“Broom Broom” went Mr Goodwin's new car. It is a five seater car with shiney mags. It cost him $2,500 dollars. It was a nice silvery car with black roof racks. He has two huge cup holders at  the front of the car and two small cup holders at the back. His phone is bluetoothed to his car so when he wants to listen to his jam he can play his music on his phone.

I was walking with my mum when I saw a cool as car. It parked with loud music and I saw the man who was rocking. Then I saw his face and it was Mr Goodwin my teacher. As he walked passed me I said “ I like your new car Mr goodwin” He replied back and said “ Thanks it cost $2,500. Mr Goodwin’s car was cool as. “Well my mum told it was time for us to home I said bye to Mr Goodwin”. He waved back to me. I told my mum that Mr Goodwin got a new car.

Task Description: We had to describe Mr Goodwin's new car. Then we had to get in a group of three and then we each had to write a sentence to make a story about it.

Friday, 3 June 2016

family facts

Walt: solve problems using decimals.

Task Description:
I had to do solve this problem using the strategies of time tables and divided by's. We got to make our own slide of this and create our own question.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

“Welcome to Cat-co” said Supergirl, “oh it is 3:00pm I’m going Miss Catco” Supergirl said. When Supergirl got home she saw on the news that there was an explosion at central city mall.

“Oh no I have to help the people” she said. Flying away to the mall she saw people running to help. “Are you okay” said Supergirl,”yes I’m fine but there is a person stuck in there” said a woman. When Supergirl went inside she saw Joker threatening a mother and her daughter. “What do you think you’re doing?” said Supergirl. “Ahh Supergirl”said Joker. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way” Supergirl said. “Well we fight then” said Joker. “POW”,”BANG”.

Suddenly Supergirl defeats Joker by giving him a big punch. She called the police to come and pick him up to take him to jail. After that she got everyone out before something happens. Suddenly Joker paralyzed the police. “oh no” said Supergirl,”Joker let the man go and get down” she said. “No I won’t” said Joker. Suddenly Supergirl laser eyed him. “Take him away” said Supergirl.

task description:
I had to write a story about a superhero. The superhero that I picked was Supergirl. We had to write a story about a problem and the resolution. My problem was that Joker was threatening people and he blew up the Central city mall.