Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why it is important to eat healthy food

Eating healthy food gives you heaps of energy and it makes you strong. It also gives you a choice of helping your brain to think so you 
can be able to grow up and be able to think.

First our food goes down our mouth then it gets sqeezed down the oesophagus, it goes into our stomach. Second thing our food goes into our small intestine, then it goes into our large intestine.

If you eat healthy food then you will get heaps of strength and you can stay healthy. If you eat good food you won't get sick. But if you don't eat good food then you will not be healthy.

If you eat good food you will have strength and energy. People around the world can be healthy if they all eat healthy then the world will be healthy.


  1. Those fruit look awesome Makayla .Guess what Makayla were in room 12 at South Hornby School.

  2. cool work Makayla fruit is healthy and remember to eat healthy.