Saturday, 30 September 2017

Holiday Update 3 | Going out for my mums last day

So today we will be going out somewhere for my mum's last day in Wellington. I think that we are going shopping in Porirua or something like that. I also think that we are going to a market, so I'm really excited. So we will be out until 3:30pm because then we're going to go drop my mum off to the airport so that she can fly back to Auckland.

At my nana and papa's house.


  1. Kia orana Makayla ,

    Wow it looks like you are having a fun holiday!Hey I have a question why are you dropping your mum off?Are you still staying there?I really like how you have added an image of you at your nana and papas house.I hope you have an amazing rest of you holidays!

    From - Leilani!

  2. Kia Ora Makayla ,
    Its Sounds sooo much fun at Wellington 4 U . Plus i have an Question why are u dropping off your mum back to Auckland ?????? . You have created a outstanding post about your going out for my mum's last day , Stay SAFE U AND YOUR FAMILY , Bye bye

    Your Friend : Lillyana G
    Bye bye