Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Mitre peak

Abel Tasman national park is located on the top of the South Island. It is between golden bay and Tasman bay, near Nelson and the Cook strait. Abel Tasman national park is named after Abel Tasman, he was the first European man to see NZ.

People like to tramp and camp at the Abel Tasman national park some people even like to kayak on the Abel Tasman water it is so nice and clear you can see it is so blue it is beautiful. They also like to keep trapping around Abel Tasman national park they also stop at the beautiful beach's it is nice. They even have it pack all the stuff that they need for their trip.In Abel Tasman national park their are heaps of animals like birds and possums,deers and goats,penguins and also wild pigs. Their are also sea animals like dolphins and sea lions people like to watch the animals. The people would love seeing all those animals.

abel tasman

Mitre peak is a prominent peak at the bottom of Te wai ponamu near Milford sound. It named after a bishops point of his hat. The peak rises almost sheer above the sound nearly 2000metres. Part of the reason for its iconic status is its location.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Anything Manaiakalani Film Festival

This class 12s movie named anything

Manaiakalani Film Festival

Manaiakalani is a group of 11 schools and 2000 kids in Glen Innes. Every year they have an ocasion called the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It helps kids learning and family too. We all travelled in buses to Sylvia Park, Hoyts Cinemas.

My favourite movie was Me TV  because I liked  the music and the things that they thought of and I thought that the effects were faboulous. Their acting was very terrific and they actually acted and matched the scripts too. I throught it was very terrific. They were so good that I throught that they were the most faboulous movie and I loved it.

All of those movies were very cool and faboulous.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, located in the of the South of the North island. The ferry of Wellington is going through the Cook strait to Picton. Wellington is surrounded by hills.

The Wellington earthquakes happens freaquently. Their is three fualt lines which means their is a weakness in the earth crust. When Wellingtons earthquakes happens the Wellintonbuildings are safe because they are made of wood.
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Cape Reinga

Cape Reinga is the most northern point in New Zealand it's beautiful place to explore. Located at the top ofTe Kia Maui, Cape Reinga is 500km from Auckland City. From the lighthouse you can see the white sands and dunes of 90 mile beach.
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Teaching scratch to class twenty

Makayla helping class 20 from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.