Friday, 16 February 2018

The treaty of Waitangi

            Te Tiriti o Waitangi
We are learning to describe the history of the Treaty of Waitangi and analyse the effect that
this document has on us in 2018

Before the Treaty (Use this site to help you)

When did the Māori arrive in New Zealand? 1642

What was life like for Māori before the Treaty? Before the treaty the maori people used to look
after their territories and lived close to the land spiritually and physically.

What were Pakeha doing in New Zealand before the Treaty? Some were causing fights and some
were trying to spread religion/god

What is a treaty? A Treaty is an agreement between the British Crown and iwi and hapu in
New Zealand

The signing of the Treaty (see this page)

Why did some Māori agree to sign the Treaty? So the whalers would stop killing and fighting and it
was a problem to the maori. And the pakeha were doing bad things so the maori wanted a treaty.

Why did the British want a Treaty? So they could take control of NZ

When was the Treaty signed? The treaty was signed on the 6th of Feb 1840

Who translated the Treaty into Te Reo Māori? The person who translated the treaty was William

How can we save money

          How can we save money
                                                   By Makayla

Money is precious. You would have the money but then again you wouldn’t.
Here are some tips on “How easy it is to save money”.

First of all one way to save money is to stick to budget. You should stick to a budget so that you
would only spend a certain amount of money. While on a budget its best to stay on the budget
always you will keep spending, and the level of your money will grow lower.

Another way to save money is to buy things you need instead of things you want. This will help
because, first of all it will save you money and when your broke then eventually you will still the
things you need. And plus the best things you will need in an emergency is essentials and that is
why you should by things you need.

Another tip is to Buy cheap things. So you can buy things you want but it will be cheap, So as a
result you will still have money. So it's best if you buy the cheapest version of the things you

My last tip is to sell the things you don’t need. For example you could have a garage sale and sell
all the things you don’t need. And there are two great reasons if you use this tip, such as you will
have more space in your house. And the second reason is you will still have enough money.

Swift playground reflection

While I was using Swift Playground I thought it was really fun. I learnt a lot of things like what Commands and Sequences are. Like first of all sequences are a order which the commands are given. I also learnt about commands which is something/someone tells you to do something and you have to do it. It’s kind of like instructions you have to do.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

"Friendship is the key" Quote writing

This year we were writing inspirational quotes to hang up. My quote was “Friendship is the key”, my quote means to always care and love your friends because they are the people who will stick by your side in hard times. I picked this quote because I really love the friends I have and they are the best.