Monday, 10 July 2017

WLJ Activity 2 Day 3

I think that New Zealand should be predator free. I think this because innocent farmers have to pay about $35 million dollars a year because of the possum damage. I also think that possums should go back to their natural home where they belong so that they don't cause trouble here in New Zealand. I also think that they shouldn't be in New Zealand because they have been causing a lot of trouble so if they are gone and New Zealand is predator free then there won't be any predator trouble for the government to fix.

Image result for possum This is a possum
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  1. Hi Kayla!

    I totally agree with you have them killed! Especially the Possums. I did not know that farmers have to pay for damage made by possums. I loved your reason about the possums it was great. Do you think goes for all predators (I can't do a question mark sos) Anyways awesome work on the WLJ!

    Your Mate,