Thursday, 3 September 2015

Better work stories

My aspiration for the future is a policewoman. I want to  be a policewoman so I can help people in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so I can protect my family.

What does a policewoman do?
A police officers jobs depend on what kind of job they are doing. Arrests bad people that do bad stuff like bad people robb jewellery store and the bank.  A policewoman also has meeting with their employes and investigates cases. Police officers also help people houses that have been robbed.

Why do I want to be a policewoman?
I want to be a policewoman so when ever my family is in a situation I will be there to help them if they are in danger. I also want to be a policewoman so I can help people that are in danger, and when people’s houses have been robbed. That is why i would like to be a policewoman.

How do I become a policewoman?
To become a policewoman I have to apply for the job. Then after I have applied for the job I have to train to get to my goals. After I have trained to get to my goals my manager will call the top three people to see who have got the job so then they have a interview with you.

What equipment does a policewoman need?
Police officers wear different clothes depending on what job they are doing. Police officers also need tasers,guns,blue overalls and police hats. So when police officers use the equipment they need they can put your hands up. They need their equipment to help people in danger. Police officers also use their equipment to put bad people in jail.

What characteristics does a policewoman need?
To be a policewoman you need to be strong and brave. You also need to be confident and


That is why I want to be policewoman. I hope you like reading my story hope you like it. Thank you for reading my story everyone.

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