Friday, 7 August 2015

FIrefighter News Photo
To start off firefighters save people’s life that are in trouble or accidents. Firefighters have really challenging job and they have to be really brave.

What does firefighters job involve
Firefighters jobs involve saving people from fires. They also extinguish fires. Sometimes they save people that are trapped in car accidents and they use these big clippers to get people that need help out of crashed cars. Firefighters educate people to be fire smart so they know what to do in a fire and when there is an emergency just call 111.

What do firefighters wear
Firefighters wear protective suits that are not flammable They wear protective suits to keep them safe in fires. They also wear a breathing apparatus to help them breath in fires so they don’t breath the gases. Firefighters wear gloves as well,so their hands don’t get burnt lifting hot metal beams. They wear rubber boots that don’t burn in fires because they are safe to wear. They also wear safety helmets with a visor to keep their face safe so they can see and it protects their eyes.

How to become a firefighter
To become a firefighter you have to train hard. You have to be confident and you also have to be reliable. When you have been trained to do all of those things you will have an interview.

If I was a firefighter I would train hard and try my best. To get to my goals I have to try hard. I also have to be confident and work as a team.

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