Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My matariki story

What Is Matariki?
Matariki is a maori name for mori new year. Matariki is an important event for NZ. It is an traditional celebration because a cluster of stars appear those stars is called the 7 sisters.

One Story of the Origins of Matariki
One story of the origins is papatuanuku and ranginui was separated from each other, By their son tane mahuta the god of the wind. He separated because to make some light. Tawhirimatea was angry because they were upset with each other. So he showed his anger and he was angry and he hurled his eyes in the sky.

How To See Matariki
You can see matariki at late May and early June. In the northeast horizon. You have to wake up in half an hour before dawn.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
When it is matariki it is the end of harvest and there was a big migration of fish swimming to north where it is warmer. So people can catch some fish and pull out your kumara and riwai. Then you will have plentiful food.

Maori New Year - Traditional Celebrations
On matariki you can have feasts and you can fly kites to get as close as you can to the sky by the heavens. You can have visitors and have songs and dances and you can also tell them about matariki.

Maori New Year - today
Today maori new year is celebrating Matariki. You can celebrate matariki in various ways. You also can go in hot air balloons and do some fireworks you can fly kites.


  1. Hi Makayla that I liked reading your matariki story it tought me alot of stuff about the seven sisters. my favourite sentence was when you said that you could make a kite so you can reach up to the sky. May be I might do that you gave me a good idea.

  2. Hi Makayla I loved reading your Matariki it tought me what Matariki and you told me that Matariki was a maori new year and how you can see Matariki i look forward to your next post and keep up the great work. from Naomi