Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Makayla Mr Burt - A Principal

Principal  Mr Burt
Where? Pt England
How long? For over 20 years

What does his job involve/What does he do?
Mr Burt’s job involves managing our school and being a community man. He also has to be nice to kids and being a helpful man. Mr Burt has leadership to run our school.He also organizes assemblys and meetings.

What equipment does a principal need?
To be a principal you will need an office,laptop,stationary. Mr Burt even needs employees and associate principal. He also needs teachers.

What characteristics does a principal need/(What sort of person do you need to be?)
To be a principal you have to be nice to kids a well helping man. He also has to be good at solving problems as well. He also needs to have a great attitude.

If I was a principal I would be so good at being a principal and I would try my best to be a principal. I would also have a good attitude like Mr Burt and a wonderful principal to others. I would be so happy to be a principal at a school.

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