Monday, 29 June 2015

Makayla term 2 writing sample

Last week on thursday me and my friends had our last netball game we tried our best to work as a team. We played against powerful Puau kotiro they were very good but we tried our best but we still had fun. When it was halftime I had to swap bibs with another girl but I was still on just a different position.

After another half I played a different position again but I didn’t mind. When it was time to play again I hopped back on the court and played hard. On the last half I got to have a little rest, when I was resting I cheered for my team as well.

After the game finished our whole team did three cheers for the other team. Then after that we shaked the other teams hand and said good game. After we finished we also did three cheers for our supporters.

                                  The  End.

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