Thursday, 27 July 2017

Space Narrative

It is 4017, Makayla and her personal buddy Greg the talking monkey are on a mission to look for a planet for the people of earth to live on. They have to find a planet because earth is dying and they need a new home. They have been flying for three weeks and they haven’t got any luck, what are they going to do?

Suddenly they found the planet they were looking for. They started to explore the planet to see if it was safe for their people. But then they saw some dangerous obstacles that they had to try and get through. So her and Greg decided that they have to try and make these obstacles less dangerous and more safe for families. So they were trying to think of an idea to make the obstacles easier and less dangerous for families and also little ones.

“Greg what are we going to do? These obstacles are way too dangerous for all the families” said Makayla. Suddenly Greg came up with a great idea. “We should try and find the best way around to make the trail more easier to pass” he said, “I don’t know Greg what if there is no more ways what if they are more dangerous” Said Makayla. “What if we try and chop down the obstacles, like we can chop down the spiky tree branches, we could make a path, or we can make our own way to the other side” she said. “YYEEAAHH we should find another way around” said Greg.

So Makayla and Greg walked around to look for another way around this small river. “Hey Makayla there is another path over there” pointed Greg, “oh yes I can see it, let’s go over there” said Makayla. So they went and ran to the other path. “This path is great, it’s not dangerous, it’s stable and more safer for families and there are no aliens here” said Greg. “Let’s go back home and tell the boss that we’ve found the right planet” said Makayla, “yeah your right, wait hang on what’s this planet called?” asked Greg. “Oh it’s called Makomi” replied Makayla. “Cool let’s go tell the boss” said Greg.

Makayla and Greg have landed on earth again. “Hello boss we have found a great planet, it is called Makomi” said Greg. “Ohh that’s great we’ll call all the presidents and the prime ministers to evacuate all their country to America for free. They can just use the planes without any fair tickets. Few days later, “ok everyone we will be moving to a safer planet named Makomi. You will be guided to the planet in a rocket ship, then we will take you to your new houses. But the houses aren’t flash because we are still trying to build the houses.
                                                                     The End

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