Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Term 2 Immersion assembly

This term our topic is Now that’s thinking. And today we were sitting in our assembly but it was our immersion assembly. We were learning about what the topic is for this term, and we also found out what the other teams are learning and what we are learning as well it was so fun.

This terms topic is about technology and how it has changed from back in the days. Team 1-3 are learning about how to make kites and they are looking at all the old kites supplies that was used, they are also learning about Matariki. And team 5 is learning to fix Pt England and make it more tidier and more beautiful. Mr Burt also showed us all the chromebooks that was used back in the days at Pt England and then the chromebooks we have now. But this term is going to be fun because I also get to see the other team's work and what their learning.

This term awesome Team 4 is learning what kinds of technology did maori use before pakeha arrived in New Zealand. I think that we will be learning about all the amazing types of technology that the maori used before pakeha came to New Zealand.  I also think we are learning what the technology is like now with the pakeha in New Zealand. Team 4’s movie this term was about how our really funny and creative teachers were trying to figure out what we were going to do for this term and also what we can learn about relating to this terms topic, Now that’s thinking.

This I want to learn what kinds of methods they used to make their shelter and waka’s. I also hope we get to try and make our own waka’s but not huge for us to sail in just small ones. I also hope we get to try maori technology from before the pakeha came to New Zealand. But I don’t really mind if we don’t because it’s fine, because at least I get to learn so much about what kinds of technology did maori use before the pakeha arrived in New Zealand.

I think that this terms topic is going to be so amazing because I love doing things including technology. I also think that this is going to be fun because I like learning about old technology and I can’t wait to find out what we will be learning this term. I also want to see what the other classes and teams are doing and check their blogs.

Task Description:
I had to write a story about our school Immersion assembly. My story is about our school topic for this term. It is also about what our team is learning this term and what the other teams are learning as well. Feel free to leave a comment on my blog, thank you so much hope you enjoy my story.


  1. I am so amazed Kayla you are so better at me in writing and I hope you have a awesome day.
    By Trendy

  2. Hi Trendy
    Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. You are good at writing as well and thank you for your amazement.