Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Castaway story

Walt: Write from the 1st person.

I just washed up on an beautiful island, it was so scary. I was soaking wet, and I was so cold I felt so lonely. I decided to explore this beautiful and huge island to find help, but it was no use. What should I do I’m lonely?, I’m so hungry.

I thought to myself I should probably make me some shelter to sleep. So I decided to explore the island for some resources. While I was walking around I found some fronds on the ground I also found some sticks, small big and thick sticks so that was good. Suddenly I found some very strong flax. So I thought I had enough resources. So I went back to the raft, and used a lot of sticks to hold up my leaves. So after my sticks were standing up I next then tied the leaves together with the flax. And then I tied the leaves and the sticks together so that the leaves act as the roof.

So then I made my dry and big shelter, so then I went to look for some materials to help me catch some food. So I got some big sharp sticks, pointy rocks and also some flax so I can catch the fish. But then I used my flax,stick and a shell to make a spear for me to catch a fish, by using the flax to tie the shell to the stick. So then I got my spear and went to the sea to look for some fish. But then I found a good fish in the sea and so I waited for the right moment, then I stabbed the fish with my sharp stick. Then I went and took my fish under my big and dry shelter so that I could make a fire with sticks and rocks to cook my fish, while my fish was cooking I went and took my rock and my spear to get some coconuts and mangos. By the time I got back from looking for some fruits and coconuts I saw that my fish was cooked so then I used a big frond to make a plate for my fish. Then I took my sharp and thin rock to cut up my fish for me to eat.

Few hours later, I decided that I’ve been stranded on this lonely and beautiful island to long so I must create a signal for people to see me so I can get rescued from this huge island. So I decided that in the daytime that I should lay out a lot of rocks to make the signal of SOS, and then at night time I will make a  huge fire for people flying in the air to see. For the fire I needed to find some sticks, rocks and green leaves, when I found these materials I then put the rocks in a circle then I put two sticks next to each other then i put some green leaves in between the sticks. Then I used another stick to rub in between the sticks where the green leaves were.

My signals have been on for like 2 days and still I’m not rescued why oh why? So I decided to go back to my shelter and have a quick nap so I can have more energy for my signals. 1 hour later, I’m awake now let’s get my signals ready again. When suddenly I heard a helicopter but luckily  my signals were done so they would’ve seen it. “HEEEELLPP” I yelled, and luckily they saw my signal and they came lower to rescue me. “YAY” I’m rescued” I said. I was so relieved I got off that beautiful but lonely island, and also I was happy that I could eat whatever I wanted instead of always eating fish and crab. So I was happy that I was home.

Task Description:
I had to write a story about me being stranded of a beautiful island. So what I mean is I had to write a story about me being in the movie Castaway. So I had to write a story about it then post it on my blog with a title, WALT, task description and also labels.

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