Sunday, 23 April 2017

My Beast

This is my made up beast. It’s name is Polar Fox. It’s called a Polar Fox because of it’s highly alike body parts. See like the Polar Fox has the Fox’s head and legs, it is great in the city because it can find a lot of things to chew and eat on. But it is dangerous for the pedestrians, and also it can’t get through small gaps that easy.

My beast is a animal of two kind of things. Like the Polar bear is a predator and the Fox is but it hunts for smaller animals. And it also is kind of good at adapting in the desert but it kind of can’t handle the dry weather conditions. And also it is only like 55% predator because of the fox hunts for smaller animals so a fox isn’t a 100% predator so my beast is only 55% a predator.

My beast is Endemic so it naturally lives in a desert but is also found in the city. My beast is a omnivore, so it eats meat and plants. This is because the Fox eats plants and small animals and the Polar bear eats meat but is a omnivore as well. Fact: did you know that a Polar bear is in the carnivora order but is a omnivore.

It’s adaptations are the city and the desert. It is more better at adapting in the city than the desert because in the city it can find more things to nibble on. But it is very tricky for the Polar Fox to squeeze into small gaps because it’s body is big due to warmness. And when it’s in the desert it is harder to adapt because there’s not that much things to nibble on, and the a lot of dry weather and the Polar Fox can’t handle the cry conditions that much but it still can adapt.

So this is my made up beast named the Polar Fox. It is a omnivore so watch out for it in the city. Just kidding it won’t be in the city because I made this up by myself on the website and if you want to create your own beast then click this link.
this is my beast.


  1. Talofa Kayla!

    Great Beast! I loved your writing and all the detail you've added into your fantastic blog-post. The Polar Fox sure is an amazing name Kayla. Since it lives in the city does it get caught by police men or does it run away with its fast legs?

    Keep up the fantastic work Kayla!

    Your Bestie,

  2. Hi Makayla

    This is a very interesting beast that you have created. I wonder how quickly your beast can run because of its large body. Polar bears also tend to eat seals, so it would need to adapt and get used to eating a different kind of meat and food. Interesting! Great blogging Makayla.

    Mrs Lagitupu