Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Food Web

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

So this is my food web. it includes my insect and spider that I made up. this food web is from the ecosystem of my insect and spider. it tells you what eats my spider, what my spider eats, what eats my insect and what my insect eats. if you take a look at it, it will tell you the ecosystem food web for my insect and spider so take a look.

Ok I will tell you about my food web. first let's see the web. so there's the tree the cicada eats the tree. and the insect eats the cicada. but then the spider eats that insect. but the bird eats the spider. but then the snake eats the bird. and the eagle eats the snake.

Task Description:

I had to make a Food Web. this food web is from what my insect and my spider eats, and what eats it. after that I had to post it on my blog with 2 paragraphs about what a food web is. I also made a mistake because the animals were supposed to be NZ native but they are not so I made a mistake.

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