Saturday, 10 June 2017

DIY Flex-tangle

Today at home I made a flex-tangle. A flex-tangle is paper toy that is very satisfying, what you have to do is just move the toy in a circle motion. The materials that we used was a flex-tangle template, scissors, coloring pens or pencils and glue.

Then we just decorated the spots that need decorating. Then once we had decorated it we had to cut around the lines. I was so excited to make this satisfying toy because it was going to be fun to play with.

Once we had colored and cut the template, we had to fold along the other lines. Then once we had folded all the creases we then had to glue along the glue points. Then we had to put the right pieces onto the glue points. When It was done then we started to play with it and it was so satisfying.

Here is a photo of me holding the flex-tangle.

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