Friday, 30 June 2017

Back in Da day production

On the 27th of June the year 5 & 6 extension group created their own production. It was called Back In Da Day, it was about how 7 ordinary kids got traveled back to the past and the future. They created this all on their own, but they had some tips from some of their teachers in the class.

Their were 5 groups that had a job to do to make the production happen. And I was in one of those groups, which was the costume and makeup designers. The other groups were Script writers, Set/Props designers, Light and sound designers and the dance choreographers.

We also had actors and main actors. I was a actor and a main actor as well. My name was Charlotte and Sarah. Charlotte is a friend of the kids, and Sarah is one of the mum's in the 60's scene. I wasn't supposed to be Sarah but the girl for Sarah wasn't here.

But we performed in front of our whole school. At first I was really nervous, but when we got into the production I got braver. Then at the end I felt really chilled and happy.

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