Thursday, 18 June 2015

The lighthouse

On a dull starless night. There was an old stone lighthouse, Above a village. The village that had merry villagers they were celebrating a wedding.At the old stone lighthouse the lighthouse keeper was was studying. With annoyance the lighthouse keeper slammed the window. Because the villagers were too noisy for him to study.

Suddenly it plunged into darkness and the festivities had stopped.   the lighthouse keeper took his tool box. He  went to check the mechanical cogs and wheels and everything was fine.  He thought I should look at the light but the light blew out so then he picked it up then dropped  the lantern  and  it smashed ’’ ohhh  ‘‘. When the glass had smashed . but the boat was close.  
In a loud blast the boat honked his horn. as the horn blasted the lighthouse keeper panicked because he thought if the boat crashed it would be his fault. then he  had an idea to  get the whole  village  and get them to hold lanterns for the boat  to turn around to get to safety.

       The End.




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