Tuesday, 31 March 2015

School picnic

On a very wonderful Friday the whole of Pt England school went down to the reserve for a school picnic. We went with some of our teachers and helpers to keep us safe. We went because went to have a school picnic so we can all have fun.My favourite activity was making sand castles because I like playing with sand. I also liked building sand castles because their was a sand castle competition and I liked all of the sand castles that were built because they were all so cool and my favourite castle was the mermaid one because it was so realistic
My other favorite thing was watching the yr 5,6,7 and 8s bomb into the water it was so cool. Because heaps of the children did big bombs. and I was watching my cousin swim.
I bet she had heaps of fun in the water.
When We went to the beach I felt so happy to spend more time with my friends.

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