Friday, 13 March 2015

Makayla happy face

On  a friday day our school picnic was cancelled because it was drizzling. We were so gutted that we didn’t go but that was ok because we did not mind. That day we had to stay in because it was still raining.One day we were making cookie faces and I was one of the first person and I was so excited. Then when we got prepared I thought that my cookie face was going to be delicious then we got started but first Miss Thompson told us what to do. But when I saw the ingredients it made me hungry. When we started to decorate I was so excited to get started on decorating I got so excited. When I put on my icing it looked so yummy and I wanted to eat it straight away. then I put on all of my lollies and chocolate and it looked so yummy with all the ingredients. When I ate my cookie it was so delicious. When I finished my Cookie I wanted to have another one because it was so yummy. But it was to bad that I had to go do my maths.I felt so happy when I ate my cookie because it was so yummy.


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  2. Nice Job Makayla
    can't wait to read more about your work
    Keep it up !