Friday, 20 March 2015

My Motat story

Room 11/12 went on a trip to the Motat. We had to wait patiently for our teachers to get organised. Our class traveled in an old school bus it was so fun.We went to a room with lots of interesting things like cameras and cellphones they did not have smart phones those times. suddenly I had the footI liked the whisper dome because it was really magical. When I talked the other person I could hear the other person and the other person could hear me. I liked it because it was so cool because the sound was bouncing from plate to plate.
I felt so excited to go to the motat it as really cool because there were heaps of invention.
footake from climbing the stairs and walking.

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  1. Well done Makayla for publishing your Motat writing. Could you please publish your reflection table as well so you can work out what you need to focus in for your next piece of writing.
    Remember there should have been 1 paragraph only about each main idea with 2-3 supporting sentences. You have combined some of your ideas together.