Friday, 14 July 2017

WLJ Activity 2 Day 6

1st Pick: I pick Weave jam Because I think that it is cool to weave. I also want to try out weaving because I have never weaved before.

2nd Pick: I pick Ngā Kai o Matariki: Celebrating Maori Cuisine. I pick this option because I think it would be cool to celebrate the Maori cuisine it would be lovely. I also love cooking and tasting new things.

Last pick: For the last pick I have chosen to pick Matariki fireworks. I have chosen this because I really love the scenery of fireworks and I also like all the colors and patterns of the fireworks. I also like how it kind of looks like shooting stars.

1 comment:

  1. Kia ora Makayla,

    What a cool picture you have provided of the night sky during Matariki. Am I right in thinking that the seven stars are called the 'seven sisters?' I went out the other night to try and find them but could only identify 5 of the 7. I think that I need more practice!

    Have you seen all seven of the stars in the night sky? It can be a bit tricky to see them when you are standing in the middle of a big city because there is a lot of extra light shining up into the sky from the street lights, houses, etc. I do find it easier to see the stars when I am standing in a dark bush or on a deserted beach.

    When I was younger my dad used to take my star gazing at night. He loved looking up at the sky and showing me where the various planets and stars were located. I loved it!

    Bye for now :)