Thursday, 8 February 2018

"Friendship is the key" Quote writing

This year we were writing inspirational quotes to hang up. My quote was “Friendship is the key”, my quote means to always care and love your friends because they are the people who will stick by your side in hard times. I picked this quote because I really love the friends I have and they are the best.


  1. Hi Makayla,

    It is great to hear your justification for your quote. It shows your audience how much you value friendship and I'm sure that it will encourage the class to treasure their friends when they look at your artwork.

  2. Hi Makayla,
    it is so great to hear your reasons for your quote. It shows your audience how much friendship is important to you! Which exactly means, you value friendships. Im sure that you will encourage others in your class, around your community and throughout the world, that building positive friendships and relationships is a key in life. Next time, you could think deeper and beyond your quote. For e.g - I chose this quote because it represents how much I value friendships and how much it is important to me. I show this in my own way by.... And this quote helps me by communicating effectively with the peers around me...

    I do hope that others will carry your quote throughout their life! But out of all, you have done great!