Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Term 4 Immersion Assembly Recount

Walt: use adjectives to improve our descriptive writing.

Have you ever seen your teachers sing like animals before? Yesterday Pt England had their term 4 Immersion Assembly. The assembly was about introducing the term’s topic to our school, which is called musical madness.

Team four’s topic is about creating our own music and sounds. The Team 4 movie was like a ad about Pt England music. It was incredible and crazy, the teachers were singing so funny and their actions were hilarious. I thought that the movie was so funny to watch.

I want to learn how people can edit songs so good. This is because I love the way people edit songs because then it gets released as a great song. But I hope that we learn to create our own music track and video.  I would love to make my own music track and video because it looks really fun.

I think that the Term 4 topic is so great and fun. I can’t wait to find out what we’re learning about, I’m so excited. I hope that we learn about music and different techniques.

Task Description:
For this task I had to write my recount about our school Immersion Assembly. Then once I had finished this recount I had to post it on my blog. I had to post it on my blog, but at a high quality. And that included the content, a WALT, Task Description and Labels.

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