Thursday, 5 October 2017

Holiday Update 6 | Going to the movies

Today I went to the movies with my auntie, the cinema that we went to was Reading Cinema. Reading Cinema is located in Courtenay Place, Wellington. We went and watched the movie "The Ninjago movie", it was about a man telling a story to a little boy about a ninja story. In this story the ninja's name was Lloyd and his friends. So first we caught a bus to Pak N save to get some snacks for the movie, then we caught another bus to go to the city. After we got off the bus we walked across the road to Reading Cinema. After the movie we went and got some Butter Chicken, and then we walked to the waterfront. After I ate me and my auntie went and walked to the bus stop, but on the way there was a park so we went and I played on the park. After that we kept on walking to the bus stop, then we got on our bus and went home. I had so much fun today and I really loved the movies.

Here are some photo's from today.


  1. Hi kayla ( makayla ) I love this blog post, but its so sad I wasn't there to say bye before you went to Wellington. I hope you can keep in touch and say hi! keep up the good work! I miss you guys so much.

  2. Guess what makayla you are a star because you have been showing me the amazing photo's and it is amazing also you were the only one who showed us the mosted photo's of your adventure. Keep it up.

  3. Kia Ora Kayla,

    I really love this amazing blog post about you & your aunt going to the movies. The photo's looked really incredible & stunning. I hope I see you tomorrow at school if not then I shall see you some other time at school. Keep up the blogging & keep up the amazing work Kayla.