Thursday, 28 July 2016

If I was an Olympic athlete

Walt: use a plan when writing.

This year it is the sporty and tough Rio 2016 Olympics. I am competing in the high hurdles for NZ. Hurdles is where you sprint on the track then you approach a fence like hurdles that you jump over. I have been training hard and long for 4 yrs and now at the Olympics it will be time for me to pay off all my good training and exercise.

At the Olympics I will be competing in Hurdles. I am competing in hurdles because I like to jump and run. This Olympics I will be fast and strong. I love jumping over hurdles especially I love to jump. I am going to try my best at hurdles because I trained a lot and now it’s going to pay off at the Olympics.

This year in the Olympics I will be representing New Zealand in hurdles. I am representing NZ because that is where I am from and I was born as a nice and strong kiwi. I will win for NZ and I will be a champion. NZ I will win a gold medal for you.

At the Olympic games I think the ceremony will be great and cultural. I will be nervous in hurdles but this event is dedicated to my family and NZ. Once I win and I walk with the NZ flag I will take pride in my competition. I will be happy if I was the winner and I will be grateful of what I have been given.

My thoughts towards Olympics is try your best and train hard. Another thought is remember to just be brave and try your best. But the thing you need to do is be grateful of what you’re actually doing and just be happy. Most of all be proud of yourself and just do your best you don’t always need to win.

Task Description: First I had a plan on how the structure of my story was. Then I had to write a 5 paragraph story about myself being in the Rio 2016 Olympics. Next I had to post it on my blog with a WALT, picture of the Olympic rings,labels,great title and a task description. 

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