Thursday, 4 August 2016

Descriptive Writing-Extension

All the men in the 100m final started stretching and preparing themselves for the race. The packed out crowd at the Olympic Stadium were cheering loudly as the men were preparing. The race official said “on your marks” and the men knelt down and put their feet on the starting blocks. The crowd went crazy.

Suddenly the race official said “get set” and then the men put their bottoms up and hands on the ground. Moments later the gun went off and the men started to sprint down the track. The crowd cheered louder for the men as they were sprinting. The men were sprinting as hard as they could so that they could get a medal. Their bodies were moving their fast and quick. The men started to approach the finish line. Then suddenly Usain Bolt came 1st in the race.

Everyone cheered for Usain Bolt as he came 1st in the race. He was so proud of himself because he came 1st. When the race had finished the top three runners went to get their medals. As soon as Usain Bolt had been given his gold medal he did his special move. The cameraman kept taking photos of him while he was walking away.

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