Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Superhero story

Walt: write a narrative story.

“Welcome to Cat-co” said Supergirl, “oh it is 3:00pm I’m going Miss Catco” Supergirl said. When Supergirl got home she saw on the news that there was an explosion at central city mall.

“Oh no I have to help the people” she said. Flying away to the mall she saw people running to help. “Are you okay” said Supergirl,”yes I’m fine but there is a person stuck in there” said a woman. When Supergirl went inside she saw Joker threatening a mother and her daughter. “What do you think you’re doing?” said Supergirl. “Ahh Supergirl”said Joker. “We can do this the easy way or the hard way” Supergirl said. “Well we fight then” said Joker. “POW”,”BANG”.

Suddenly Supergirl defeats Joker by giving him a big punch. She called the police to come and pick him up to take him to jail. After that she got everyone out before something happens. Suddenly Joker paralyzed the police. “oh no” said Supergirl,”Joker let the man go and get down” she said. “No I won’t” said Joker. Suddenly Supergirl laser eyed him. “Take him away” said Supergirl.

task description:
I had to write a story about a superhero. The superhero that I picked was Supergirl. We had to write a story about a problem and the resolution. My problem was that Joker was threatening people and he blew up the Central city mall.

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