Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble!

Walt: write a narrative that is descriptive (paints a picture in the reader's mind)

“There is a robbery” said Hawkeye. “Avengers Assemble” said Captain America. So there went the Avengers to save the day, suddenly they caught Ultron trying to steal  weapons. “Stop right there Ultron” said Thor. “Well well well look who it is the avengers” said Ultron.
Ultron commanded the avengers to leave, they denied Ultron. Suddenly Ultron called his duplicated robots to come and protect him from the avengers, the avengers were very bus fighting Ultron. Suddenly Scarlet and Quicksilver came to help Ultron. “Hello catch me if you can” said Quicksilver.
Suddenly Ultron left with Scarlet and Quicksilver. “Let’s go and make some potion” said Ultron.
Then Ultron got to the avengers HQ (Headquarters) and commanded to let him in the lab. “No” said

“Ok let’s do it the hard way” said Ultron “BOOM” went the security to the wall. “Let me in” commanded Ultron,”ok”said the security. Then Ultron got in the lab and smashed the nurse to the ground and used her as the test. “It works” said Ultron. Suddenly the avenger came and Ultron was leaving. “He got away” said Hawkeye

Then they found Ultron in the truck with the nurse. “Black widow get in there” said Captain America “BANG” flew Black widow on the truck. Suddenly Scarlet came and put Black widow in a sleep of memories. “Man down man down” said Thor. “Hulk get in there” said Thor. Suddenly Hulk smashed open the door and threw ultron out. Then he smashed Quicksilver and Scarlet. But Black widow was still asleep.

Then Ultron went back to his lair and put the potion it the machine. “No he did it” said Captain America. We have to fight him and and destroy the machine, Ultron was in the city watching everyone. “Ultron destroy the machine” said Captain America. “Avengers assemble”. Then Scarlet and Quicksilver joined the avengers,”what” said Ultron. “We had enough” said Scarlet and Quicksilver.

Suddenly the Avenger fighted for the World and destroyed the machine. “NO” said Ultron. The avengers destroyed the machine and the world went back to how it was. Then Scarlet pulled out Ultrons heart because he was knocked out. “Good job avengers you two Quicksilver and Scarlet. Suddenly one of the duplicates shot Quicksilver “NO” said Scarlet, the hawkeye shot the Ultron. THE END!!!
Task Description: We had to rewrite an story from these two pictures. I picked the second picture. There was two pictures and were Avengers age of Ultron and Captain America civil war. I picked Avengers age of Ultron.

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