Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Immersion assembly

WALT: recount an event.

Have you ever learnt about comic books in your class before? Well this term team 4 is learning about comic books, we are going to be learning how to making our own comic books as well. I am really excited to be learning about comics books.

This term our school topic is “as i see it”, and it is about art. Team 1 is going to be drawing their favorite things. Other teams are doing other things like seasons, Architecture and waka races. I am looking forward to seeing what other teams are doing this term.

In team 4s movie they acted out our topic which is ka-pow. They were like the avengers saving people but their movie was a comic book movie, because this term we are going to be creating our own comic books. This term team 4s topic is about creating comic books and stories with sequential art. We have to make comic books about superheroes that is why the teachers acted like superheroes in the comic book movie.

This term topic I want to create my own superhero to put in my own comic book. I hope we can read superhero comic books to give us ideas for our own comic book. I hope we can learn to do sequential art and put it in our comic books and to learn how to read comic books. But most of all I want ot make a movie about superheroes in a comic book like what the teachers did for the team 4 movie.

This term I think it’s going to be fun since team 4 is going to creating our own comic books. Overall this term has been really cool and I can’t wait until we make our own comic book.

Task Description:I had to write 5 paragraphs about this term's assembly. Our school topic is as i see it and team 4's topic is ka-pow. this is about team 4's movie.

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  1. Hi Makayla i like your video it is so funny and cool i hope that you had fun doing it with Mr Goodwin.You did great to start of with you writing.From Zamera