Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Comic writing

Walt: use onomatopoeia in our writing.
Black Canary was fighting Brick when suddenly Green Arrow appeared. “You are late” said Black Canary. Green Arrow shoots an arrow at brick “Boom” went Brick. “Can I try my new arrows out” said Green Arrows, “sure if it doesn't get us killed”. First arrow Ice “bang,second arrow helium,third arrow mightiest ,fourth arrow ooze,fifth arrow magnet,sixth arrow bug size. Suddenly Green arrow shot an arrow at the wrecking ball but then it hit Brick.  and last arrow got to go arrow “Poof”.
Task description:I had to write as many paragraphs as the movie we watched above. there were three characters named Black Canary,Green arrow and Brick. Please read my story an enjoy and don't forget to comment.

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