Friday, 15 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night there was a solitary boy roasting marshmallows on a sizzling fire. You could hear the lake gently lapping on the shore. He was in the forest but in a spot that  had trees surrounding him.

Suddenly there was big green monster that came quietly walking out of the lake, like no one was around. Then suddenly Jimmy  turned around and saw the monster and he freaked out.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy waved his marshmallow on a stick around like a sword to protect himself. but then the monster gobbled up the marshmallow. The monster transformed  into a monster-puppy. The monster performed tricks so he would get more marshmallows.

When Jimmy put his hand in the bag and realised that there was only one more and he was like oh no and he gulped. Cautiously Jimmy slowly held out his hand and then the monster slurped the marshmallow off. The monster nearly gobbled up Jimmy's whole arm.

Waiting expectantly the monster looked at Jimmy. Jimmy was like oh no what’s going to happen then the monster reverted back into a scary monster because Jimmy had run out of marshmallows.

The monster chased Jimmy. In a panic Jimmy ran away but suddenly Jimmy stumbled and he thought that the monster was going to eat him. But then Jimmy found his pillow he tried to protect himself. The big green monster imagined that he was in marshmallow heaven because Jimmy gave the monster a pillow and the monster thought that it was a massive marshmallow.

                 The End Bye Makayla and Jorelle

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  1. I like how you girls have tried to use some of the vocabulary. I wonder if you might have been able to add in some more though. Your story is well structured in paragraphs and you have a few interesting beginnings to sentences. You have worked hard to try and make your writing more effective. Keep up the good work girls.