Sunday, 5 October 2014

My holidays

These holidays I just can’t wait because I’m going too.. THE MOVIES YAY!!!

These holidays I am at my nana and grandpa’s house, on thursday me my two little cousins and my aunts are going to the movies but I don’t know what we are watching I hope it’s Teenage mutant  ninja turtles because I’ve never seen it before. But for today I will be fine as long as it is boring.

On Thursday it is going to be fun

            By Makayla.

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  1. Hi Makayla. Well done you writing a story in the holidays. I love hearing what you are up to.
    Did your house have a HUGE power cut today? I am at Ms George's house tonight so that I can do some work, as my house has no power and is very cold!
    I hope that you enjoy your movie on Thursday - make sure to come back to your blog and tell us all about what you saw.
    Have a wonderful last week of your holidays.