Sunday, 4 December 2016

Prize giving is coming up

“Okay class today we will have a prize giving dance practice, straight after morning tea” said Mr Goodwin. Two hours later, “BRING BRING, okay class you can now go get your morning tea” said Mr Goodwin. “Put your food away and come and line up now” shouted Mr Baxendine. So everyone left the class and played outside. A few minutes later “BRING BRING BRING” went the bell. “Come on guys sit up so we can get a ten” said Bethan. “Mr Goodwin’s coming!” yelled Leiite. “Sit up sit up” whispered Makayla. “Wow” said Mr Goodwin. “Did we get a ten?” asked Daisy. “No but you’s got a 9.9” said Mr Goodwin, “well come on guys we have to go prize giving practice” said Mr Goodwin. So Rm10 walked nicely past all the classes to go to the hall for dance practice.

Task Description:
I have made a blog post on how Pt England's prize giving is coming up. Then what I did is I posted it on my blog with a Task Description, labels and a good title. I hope you enjoy my story and don't forget to comment on my blog if you like this story.

If you liked this part of my story and you want to hear the whole story click this link.

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