Monday, 14 November 2016

Tomorrow's trip to Motat

Tomorrow the 15th of November the year 6's are going on their school camp. Their camp is on an island. They will travel on a boat to the island. While there gone for four days from the 15-18th of November, the year fives will be going on a trip to Motat tomorrow. Did you know that our own teacher Mr Goodwin is nice enough to go and help the year six's at their camp tomorrow. While he's at camp we will have the wonderful Mrs Moala, Miss Lavakula and Mr Baxendine. On the trip we will be in groups with them and a few helpful parents. The year fours in our class are lucky enough because they get to come on the trip with us, I hope we have fun.

Please comment on my blog if you go to Motat
Hope you enjoy

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