Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mr Goodwins new car

WALT:We had to describe a picture

“Broom Broom” went Mr Goodwin's new car. It is a five seater car with shiney mags. It cost him $2,500 dollars. It was a nice silvery car with black roof racks. He has two huge cup holders at  the front of the car and two small cup holders at the back. His phone is bluetoothed to his car so when he wants to listen to his jam he can play his music on his phone.

I was walking with my mum when I saw a cool as car. It parked with loud music and I saw the man who was rocking. Then I saw his face and it was Mr Goodwin my teacher. As he walked passed me I said “ I like your new car Mr goodwin” He replied back and said “ Thanks it cost $2,500. Mr Goodwin’s car was cool as. “Well my mum told it was time for us to home I said bye to Mr Goodwin”. He waved back to me. I told my mum that Mr Goodwin got a new car.

Task Description: We had to describe Mr Goodwin's new car. Then we had to get in a group of three and then we each had to write a sentence to make a story about it.

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  1. Hey Makayla,
    I love your story especially cup holder Mr Goodwin loves coffee!