Thursday, 30 June 2016

Plan a Short Story-Superhero

Walt: make connections with what we read with what we already know.

Dark Light, she is a young woman who likes to hang out with her friends. When she gets angry she creates a storm. She gets her power from rain and storm. Dark Light’s real name is Stella Donaldson. And then we have Silver Flash, she is a speedy girl who likes to run a lot. She gets her powers from the sun when it shines. Her real name is Anna Jackson.

“Gidday Silver Flash” yelled Dark Light, “Hi there Dark light” said Silver Flash. “I just took a stroll” said Dark Light. “I came for a run” said Silver Flash... They both arranged lunch together. Suddenly a man came and pushed her and she spill her drink on Silver Flash.

She got angry and angrier that she created a big storm. She switched into her costume. She created a storm. She made heavy rain that made lightning.  Everyone evacuated the area and Silver Flash helped the elders.

Silver Flash went up to Dark Light and tried to calm Dark Light down but she couldn't. “Stella stop you're not like this” said Silver Flash. Dark light looked at her, “this is who I am Anna” said Dark Light.

“Dark Light Stella please stop you’re not like this, you're my friend I know you are” said Silver Flash. Dark Light looked down at Silver flash she felt so sad. Dark Light stopped the storm and dropped to  the ground. She started crying and Silver Flash came and hugged her. “I’m sorry” said Dark light. They cleaned up the city.

Task Description: We had to write a story about something that happened in my superheroes life. It was the superhero I drew on paper for the school art exhibition. The two people in my story was Silver Flash and Dark Light.

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